VR vs. E3 2014

VRFocus - We’re now less than a week away from what’s perceived to be the biggest event in the videogame calendar. Yes, E3 2014 doesn’t kick off itself until 10th June, but the much anticipated ‘conference day’, the exciting 12 hours in which Microsoft and Sony battle for supremacy while EA and Ubisoft show off their latest, biggest projects gets underway on 9th June. Leaks and pre-show announcements have already assured that it will be as thrilling a show for big budget titles as always, but what about virtual reality (VR)? Is the technology set to have a big E3?

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AgentSmithPS41506d ago

Knowing how big this could be for Sony's future I'd be shocked if the Morpheus didn't show up and wow people. It's time to step away from the little window looking into a flat world, it's time to go inside our games.

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what The (Morpheus) is. You'll have to see it for yourself."