Cloud is an Advantage for Xbox One, Ray Tracing Being Worked On For PS4/Xbox One

"While we're not hearing as much about the Cloud for the Xbox One as we did prior to the console's release but it still presents of potential for Microsoft's flagship console."

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Septic1421d ago

All this is meaningless to me until I see it in action and actually applied to a game. Halo 5 is supposedly using the cloud. Hopefully it isn't just a buzzword for dedicated servers

Webbyy1421d ago

Yup, I have always said the same thing. They have talked so much about cloud , now we need to see cloud technology in action with more games. I personally believe we will see it.

Can they pull it off? That remains to be seen.

choujij1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Is Halo 5's campaign online only? Otherwise, how can it benefit from the cloud while offline?

ThunderSpark1420d ago

Why is cloud an exclusive advantage to XBox One and not counted as an advantage for the PS4 as well, which is obviously getting its own cloud assistance from Sony.

This whole cloud thing was hyped as much as the Kinect but we all see what's happening with the Kinect.

Hype the games, not the cloud.

cleft51420d ago

An advantage implies that one party has an edge that the competing group does not. However, Sony has their own Cloud solution and so far it would appear that Sony is doing more with the Cloud than Microsoft. I am referring to Playstation Now. Microsoft and Microsoft supporters need to stop hyping magically things that mean nothing and start talking more about the games.

JasonKCK1421d ago

It wouldn't matter if they did show proof, most here would still deny it anyway.

Spotie1421d ago

Are you basing that on the previous examples, which were, at best, examples that worked on PC within very limited parameters?

Perhaps, if there were more transparency from Microsoft, people might be more likely to believe them when they make claims. If interviews- like this one- touched on the problems that are obviously evident with using the cloud the way Microsoft says they can, then maybe there would be more credibility.

Microsoft deserves doubt, frankly. They haven't been very honest or straightforward with much recently; just telling the truth once or twice won't fix that. Of course, someone like you, who believes every word they say without hesitation, doesn't require that they regain your trust, but the rest of us aren't so gullible.

Charybdis1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Agree at this point in time only a small number of exclusive games are using microsoft azure dedicated servers. So for we only have seen that using these 'free'servers can offer a benefit for some games, but cannot as yet be seen as having a real advantage. None of them are using so called cloud accelerated graphics promoted by microsoft amd and nvidea.

InTheLab1421d ago

Good old victim card. What does it matter if some here won't acknowledge this feature?

The flip side to this is that all that power that was promised last year was nothing but promises. So why shouldn't people be skeptical?

Why o why1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

....some will champion it after seeing nothing at all. Goes both ways. We've been hearing about cloud for a minute now. The narrative has changed since it was initially mentioned, power boost to dedicated servers etc. Best thing is to wait and see. Maybe ms weren't expecting to reveal the time they did. Who knows but like lab said. People have good reason to be skeptical. Give us one reason why they shouldn't. I understand taht notion of not believing even when proof is right in front of peoples faces though...... see it here all the time in regards to the power gap which is greater than last gens one. Some people still deny it. Av a word mate.

dcbronco1421d ago

People keep saying they haven't shown anything yet. But they have. Just not on Xbox One. The demo of the asteroid belt proves the physics side. And while they haven't been forthcoming, do you think they should just blurt out everything they are doing. Why save anything for, say, an annual conference.

Look at the chip design. There are eight gigs of flash memory. The asteroid demo loaded and did updates where needed. Very small updates. Eight gigs is enough space to store an entire level. The Cloud could then update as damage takes place. It's not that hard to believe. The only reason they have given for that memory is that it is for snap-on screens. No way eight gigs is needed for that. It's just a huge cache.

pyramidshead1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Spotie is 'spoton' with that comment. Bubble up, sir. People seem to forget the 'ideal conditions' part of it all.

SilentNegotiator1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

That's a convenient belief to have. Even if MS never makes good on making real graphical improvements to Xbox via the cloud, you can just go on being the victim (claiming that "even if they had....").

Why o why1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Dcbronco, see that's the thing, people want real life proof not rhetoric and tech demos on different hardware. Both consoles factions are dubious of the others claims. Nothing new here. Ms knew they had the weaker hardware, they needed a leveler, their fans gobbled it up and will continue to cling to any possible or impossible theory.

extermin8or1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Anyone with any knowledge of the science behind how it works wouldn't believe it till they can a)explain how they will eliminate those issues with the tech running in the wild. and b) have seen them release it and it not all go tits up. And before you say anything about my knowledge on the subject I'm studying physics at university atm so I'd say I have a fairly good standing to understand how it works and I've not spoken to a single sane person that honestly thinks this tech is currently viable the way MS has been making out. I mean the tech advancement for it to be viable might well be bigger news than the actual cloud service going out to the public on many games. (So with no solution to the time it takes to send data out compute it and send it back it's not going to be used for anything real-time anytime soon and most devs wont use it elsewhere because programming for it makes their lives more complicated so for the minimal gains they'll get they are highly unlikely to bother). The demo of the astroid belt btw is nothing new, linking multiple computers up and getting them to compute things or using server farms todo so and create a simulation has been used by Physicists and other scientists for a long time now to model complex systems both in space and on earth. Also to help create predictions to test theories. However it's done over local connection and without a user interacting and affecting the simulation. As soon as you have a user putting in inputs and stuff that needs to be computed straight away you have the problem-that's why yeah it might with fast enough internet compute a whole astroid belt for you but not one where gameplay would be able to take place/interact with-all this we already knew. Digital foundry sum up the whole issue pretty well in an article about a year ago-go look.

medman1420d ago

"It wouldn't matter if they did show proof, most here would still deny it anyway." The pathetic refrain of the idiot.

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Volkama1421d ago

Septic, of course it is effectively dedicated servers. All the "cloud" really does is enable great availability of dedicated servers in a very cost effective way. It wont be achieving anything that a physical server farm cannot, it is just a lot more practical from a provider perspective.

But you are under-estimating what can be acheived with dedicated servers.

Septic1421d ago

I'm not underestimating dedicated servers mate. More comprehensive dedicated server support is one of the best things to happen this gen. I haven't written off the tech either to deliver the kind of 'cloud' experiences that have been alluded by MS.

I just want to see a game utilising this tech properly (not the 'minimal' way its been used in Forza and Titanfall) before I get excited about it.

frostypants1420d ago

Obviously dedicated servers can do a whole lot. Getting that data back to the client immediately is the issue that Microsoft has not (and will not be able to) address.

Kayant1421d ago

Yep same thing MS and every other developer as been saying so far. At the end of the day it is only an advantage when talking about exclusives other than that it isn't because third parties will use servers on both or no at all.

I mean even MS aren't using for all the games so far. The only games using it are Forza 5 and Titanfall.

Hoping at E3 they will show a demo within a game scenario.

"Halo 5 is supposedly using the cloud" - Yh if it doesn't use it to the extend that we have been told is possible then I think it's fair to say it's PR until the year they finally show it working in a game.

sebzhd1421d ago

advantage? My ass M$.

IrishSt0ner1421d ago

While I fully expect it to happen, I'm cautious with how much they can achieve with it. The inital hype I had for always online, realtime MMO servers which update on the server end, giving us endless possibilities in vast environments seems all but a distant dream now.

Still, I try to remain optimistic. On a side note, gamingbolt sure played that interview well, over a month's worth of the most attention gabbing headlines.

Dehnus1421d ago

Crackdown 3, will be the showcase I think.

harrisk9541421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

My question is if you have an internet issue at home or if there is a server-side problem, does your "cloud-powered" game function normally or does it get downgraded graphics-wise or do you have stuttering and frame tearing? Do you lose certain assets from the game under those circumstances?

Isn't that an inherent problem with the "cloud"? I know that there have been times, even with music that I have stored through Amazon and Google, where there is a crappy playback or buffering issues. So, how will that work with the heavy processing power needed to run games nowadays?

Legit question, I think. Unless someone has some tech knowledge to explain where this is wrong, I would appreciate it.

Septic1421d ago

Well it all depends on what is actually implemented into the cloud.

Look at Nvidia's cloudlight tech in respect of off-loading lighting to the cloud:

It shows how it would work in extremely high latency situations and it still seems to perform rather well.

frostypants1420d ago

It's FailingBolt, man. Just ignore the article.

quenomamen1420d ago

Well judging by the games that already use it ( Titanfall & Forza ) it looks that's basically what it is. How anybody really expected something cloud based to actually make hardware 2-3 X more powerful is wishfull thinking.

3-4-51420d ago

Talking about the Cloud is like talking about the future.

We just don't know. It hasn't happened yet, we can't evaluate it as it's not tangible, and therefore we have no way of fully comprehending it like we kind of do other things in life.

I'm sick of hearing what it is, and I just want to experience what it does, IF that is a positive thing.

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Torgul1421d ago

I still waiting for fanboys comments. They are going to downplay this as they did for DX12 And so on...
Nice tech indeed.

Mega241421d ago

Excuse me, don't really want to bother you but, many people pointed out about a conference from MS and AMD where DX12 was being discussed and mantle, know where I can find info on that?

before anyone disagrees, I'm actually interested, but can't find any info on it.

Volkama1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Considering that conference had no NDA at all, it is surprising hard to find anything about it. The agenda looks like it would produce some interesting info for us to pretend to understand...
09.25-09.30 – Welcome and agenda: Kevin Strange, AMD
09.30-10.00 – GCN Performance ftw: Stephan Hodes, AMD
10.00-10.30 – TressFX: The Fast and the Furry Nick Thibieroz, AMD
10.30-11.00 – Xbox Indie Scene 2014: Mike Froggatt, Microsoft
11.00-11.15 – Break
11.15-12.00 – Introduction to DirectX 12: Ivan Nevraev, Microsoft
12.00-12.30 – D3D 12: “The future is so bright you gotta wear shades”: Dave Oldcorn, AMD
12.30-14.00 – Lunch break
14.00-14.45 – Rendering Battlefield 4 with Mantle (includes demo): Johan Andersson, Frostbite
14.45-15.30 – Inside XBox One: Martin Fuller, Microsoft
15.30-16.00 – Coffee break
16.00-16.45 – Low-level Shader Optimization for Next-Gen and DirectX 11: Emil Persson, Avalanche
16.45-17.30 – Holy Smoke! Faster Particle Rendering using DirectCompute Gareth Thomas, AMD
17.30-20.00 – Drinks reception - mingle
If you manage to find anything please do stick a link up here....

Belasco1421d ago

Me neither, it's been driving me bonkers looking for any news at all, all I can find is articles that attempt to marginalize DX12 for XB1.

extermin8or1420d ago

Is it possible for you to comprehend that perhaps the skeptisism and putting DX12 down is because they could be correct and it wont make the gains it was made out to make? And plenty of respected devs are on record saying it wont and what was presented was "marketing hyperbole" and these devs are people that have earned the right to be listened to, by being correct on multiple occasions....

Kavorklestein1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

If you look up these guys on twitter, they have minimal info/pics of the conference...
I have literally been SCOURING the web non stop for ANY kind of info, and after a few emails from AMD rep Kevin Strange, he said his info was mostly being copied off of these guys who were also at the conference.

Kevin Strange -

Nick -

Daniel -

Ryan -

Scroll down through their tweets to see some photos of the conference, and hear minimal things about what they thought about what they saw there.

This is all I have been able to find after two 10 hours shifts at work searching high and low for any kind of info about the MS/AMD/DX12 conference in my spare time.

It's Not much, but it's better than feeling like the event never even happened, or that it was a flop. I do expect their twitter feeds to be filled with more info as time goes on, and if we don't hear much, then don't worry my friends, because E3 is just around the corner!

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ger23961421d ago

I don't think people are denying the tech, it actually exists. As much as they talk about it, will it be a deciding factor when choosing between consoles? Its impact or advantages in games is yet to be seen.

madpuppy1421d ago

Another no avatar, short time shill I see.

these clowns really need to be ignored.

redwin1421d ago

I guess, grafx will vary depending where you live if the cloud is used for the box, or will it be strictly for online gaming which is MS forte .

gameseveryday1421d ago

I think think that is technically possible. Depending on the speed of the connection, the cloud will be enabled or disabled.

Much like how Sony recommends 5MBPS for PS Now. I have a feeling if this works, it could potentially be a big boon for the internet industry.

extermin8or1420d ago

Well that would cut out a massive demogrphic who simply don't have higher speeds available to them atm or in the foreseeable future, it's hardly their fault? It would be suicide for sales, far more places/people in the world DON'T have the infrastructure to get the kind of speeds that would be needed to get it working on a basic level and the speed of light limits the max speed you can achieve anyway...

Nykamari1421d ago

You haven't heard it yet? Cloud also boost your internet speeds too! I'm just poking fun. I just hope MS plan works with cloud tech so this fanboy war would simmer down. If it works my Lord N4G is going to implode.

DemonChicken1420d ago

If used for multiplayer games it won't be as bad as support will continue otherwise factoring the connection issue, I won't touch a single player game that uses the cloud for gfx.

Mainly because depending on how much gets offload to the cloud, when the dedicated servers closes down in a number of years time, my game will look shit on the scale of how much was passed to the cloud. It's like i'm buying a temporary nice looking game or subscribing lol

XiSasukeUchiha1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I guess I can say this but Raytracing for PS4 though and cloud for Xbone and raytracing for Xbone, hmmmm let's see(Sharingan).


I haven't done the Sharingan comment for while, and I'm Sasuke Uchiha, I'm suppose to act like Sasuke Uchiha so really don't you dare mock the Uchiha!

gameseveryday1421d ago

Why is that you can't simply 'comment'?

Codey471421d ago

Maybe because he has the Shinju absorbed and the Third eye activated!

But in my town that sounds like rape tbph..

mrpsychoticstalker1421d ago

I believe in tha powa of da cloud.

choujij1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Moot point. You probably believe in Leprechauns.