Sony E3 preview - The games we could see | The Last Guardian? God of War?


Sony is pretty good when it comes to the big events. Last year it smashed the PlayStation 4 reveal, the E3 presentation and the Gamescom conference, helping to build momentum for its big console release and help sales hit mega heights.

Is it asking too much for Sony to come out and do it all again? Former CEO Jack Tretton has moved on to pastures new and won't be on stage to "drop the mic", but the platform-holder still has plenty up its sleeve and could blow the audience away if it plays its cards right. Here's our preview of what we can expect Sony to show off at E3, and what surprises we might be in for.

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remanutd551359d ago

For some reason i think Sanzaru games and Sony Bend will unveil their ps4 projects at e3.

Chuk51359d ago

The Last Guardian could step up as the holiday hero for sony, becuse good lord they need it.

Sevir1359d ago

Im p we see NOTHING of KRATOS or the GOW IP for another 5 years... That IP has over stayed its welcome. Re-release after re-release and repackages and collections on top of a game that wasn't all that!

GOW3 should have been the last game in the franchise before it took a hibernation and reemerged as something down right breath taking.

Give me 2 Sony Japan Games like the Rumored Project Beast and The Last Gaurdian released for this Fall and I'll scream. Annnounce 3 new games launching next year in addition to Uncharted and The Order 1886, Show Agent as a Massive 3rd Party Exclusive and You'll have a show Ninty or MS couldn't top for decades..

Sadist31359d ago

How about showing us a game that actually comes out in 2014 that's not a first person shooter or a driving game. How about chilling out with all the, "this game comes out in 2016!" I don't know about you guys, but I can only play games that were made in 2014 so I don't give a crap about a game that's releasing in 2 years. You know when I'll care about that? In 2 years when I can actually play it

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