#DRIVECLUB: here are the first 35 cars listed

"Here are the first 35 cars listed @DRIVECLUB #driveclub #ps4 exclusive. Full list will be available asap"

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1482d ago

No Ford Mustang :( No American Muscle at all so far. Hope they at least got a corvette in the full list.

XiSasukeUchiha1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Bubble up for my fellow ninja, and the leader 7

I agree as well American Muacle cars would help the diversity.

Off Topic: Sorry for telling you to STFU!

Spotie1482d ago

He was talking about the last chapter.

I imagine there'll be a few American cars on the list. No racing game is complete without an American representative.

WeAreLegion1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

As much as I love the 60's Mustangs, do you really want to race a Zonda or F12 in a Mustang?

I'm sure we'll at least see some American muscle once the full list is published. Modified Shelby, maybe, but I doubt a stock Mustang will make it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1482d ago

Maybe not a Zonda but I'd certianly race a Audi tts in a mustang. The Audi is in the game.

Tony-Red-Grave1482d ago

I foresee Driveclub adding the vette stingray as a the American muscle car. It would be weird to have all these sports cars and not have a vette if your going to mention US muscle cars. Hopefully they also add one my person favorites in the Viper ACR.

WeAreLegion1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

At the very least, we'll see a Viper or a Vette in the game.

@Tony-Red-Grave - Great minds think alike. I didn't even see your comment. Haha.

ColonelRex1482d ago

For the record, the new SRT Viper for surely can run well against the Ferrari F12.

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Charybdis1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

They will have 50 cars available at launch, so pretty sure that they will be available in the game at some moment. Hope they will give some more info on what will be included in the free (and paid post-launch) DLC content.

khellendros11482d ago

The Hennessay Venom GT is American. It's a Dodge Viper. But I agree on the Vette needing to be included

Tony-Red-Grave1482d ago

If they start adding things in the hyper class of cars then maybe we'll see the SSC Tuatara it's American and damn does it look beautiful. That aside wasn't the hennessay venom is a gameplay video for driveclub? Could've sworn it was already in the game, the video was one fo the earlier videos before the delay.

jerethdagryphon1482d ago

id have liked to see a ssc aero or something other then general high end cars lack of us muscle is a pain but it depends on the feel of the game us v8 down a straight road is idealic same car around twisty roads in europe not the same feeling

ColonelRex1482d ago

The Hennessey Venom GT is on the game which is really a british/american supercar. Most recognize it as an american car though.

SonyWarrior1482d ago

corvettes are boring they should put the 2015 mustang in this game though

Revolver_X_1482d ago

Your starting a car war buddy. Those are fightings words to Chevy fans. Me, Im a Dodge man. Dodge Charger 440 big block FTW. Besides I dont like to (Fix Or Repair Daily). Burn!!! I jk, jk

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Iceball20001482d ago

aww no Nissan Skyline, or a GTR? :(

360ICE1482d ago

Pretty neat list. Would appreciate more non-European cars, though. Mazda, Nissan (GT-R), maybe some kind of Toyota.

Revolver_X_1482d ago

Toyota Supra would be a nice edition.

strickers1482d ago

Venom GT is on there. That's a Lotus fully reworked by Hennessey. American and stupidly fast.

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