A Brief History of E3

The first E3 was held in 1995, but nobody particularly cared at the time as the internet wasn’t widespread enough for anyone outside of the industry to actually know much about it. Still, despite the lack of a worldwide live feed of the events or the vast armies of mewling fanboys who think that everybody needs to know their opinion on the minutiae of every single presentation.

The highlight of the 1995 Expo came in the form of a minor PR war between Sega and Sony. In their attempts to give the Sega Saturn a headstart over the N64 (Which they still assumed would be their biggest rival in the West) Sega secretly prepared an early US launch, secretly supplying a handful of large US toy retailers with stock to be made available (for a princely $399) from the moment of the announcement. This gambit failed miserably, however, as not only did this anger those stores left out from the deal (some of whom dropped Sega goods from their stores), it was also quickly and efficiently undermined by SCEA President Steve Race with a simple, three-word presentation.

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