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While its concept is unique, its execution leaves an incredible amount to be desired. Unfortunately, the mystery of Ronan’s murder is not nearly as thought-provoking as the mystery of when Murdered: Soul Suspect will be offered at a discount.

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skydragoonity1507d ago

I just saw a 9/10 now this? lol

Deividas1507d ago

This game has been getting reviews all over the place, honestly not sure what to think of it

seanpitt231507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I think its a game you will either love or hate looking at the review scores. It's not my type of game so I would be in the category to dislike this game.

MillennialBuddha1507d ago

As the reviewer, I can only score a game based upon my experience. I genuinely felt as though the gameplay took away from the overall experience.

For consumers, it is actually a great thing to see reviews all over the place, as you'll be able to use them to make an informed purchasing decision.

ValKilmer1507d ago

I think people are just too braindead to play a game focusing on story.