Impressive Looking First Forza Horizon 2 1080p Screenshots Released

Here are the first official in-game screenshots of Forza Horizo 2.


Two more screenshots added..

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GarrusVakarian1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Is it me, or are there no screenshots in that link?



Yeah, page has been updated. They look really nice. Open world too? Wow.

Edit: 2 more!-

Abriael1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

There aren't. Looks like a placeholder post.

Now it's up:

theshonen88991504d ago

Forza 5 engine and yet Forza 5 itself still doesn't have weather effects or day night cycle. How is it that Forza Motorsport fails to deliver features that Forza Horizon consistently delivers on? It's embarrassing.

Forza Horizon was my favorite game on 360. Between Grid, Project Cars, Driveclub, and Horizon 2, I am one happy racer.

Ballsack1504d ago

When are gaming companies gonna stop using bullshots? Its so annoying because when you see the actual game your like ok...nice but not that's not what you originally showed

look at the backlash killzone and watchdogs recieved because of it.

mikeslemonade1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Racing Meh.. Not moving forward for the graphics bar Meh.. Yealy rehash sequals Meh..

Ballsack1504d ago

When are gaming companies gonna stop using bullshots? Its so annoying because when you see the actual game your like ok...nice but not that's not what you originally showed

snookiegamer1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


The lack of weather effects in Forza 5 probably had more to do with deadlines and time restraints than anything else.

MS wanted the game out at Xbox One's launch. I don't believe it has anything to do with the ability of the Xbox One or the engine Turn 10 used. After all, even the 360 can do weather effects.

People claim to be gamers, yet do not understand the process ;/

Perjoss1504d ago

"Not moving forward for the graphics bar"

Try PC or PS4, you might find what you're looking for.

1504d ago
Azzanation1504d ago


Forza 5 didn't do weather etc was because it was a launch title. To put it simple. Turn 10 didn't have enough time. Time makes all the difference, not power.

Dlacy13g1504d ago

If you want actual good screenshots and a preview:

jhoward5851504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Note: educated guess.

Forza 5 not having day night cycle might have something to do with ESRAM.

The ESRAM being so small most Devs would be forced to use baked lighting instead of using atmospheric lighting because it save them lots of time/memory space and it doesn't tax the hardware performance.

Theoretically speaking, Added day to night cycle in a game that has massive amount of baked lighting the dev would have to create two(or more) set of textures with baked lighting. One for the day, and one for the night. But the x1's ESRAM might have trouble loading both sets of textures because the ESRAM is too small. Hopefully DX12 can help.

1504d ago
NewMonday1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

hate to be the guy to say it but this is not real-time


miXter1504d ago

This is not CGI.

This is not bullshot.

It's ingame. Stop crying sony fanboys.

MK24ever1504d ago

It's "in-engine", not in-game. Check GT5 photo mode pictures for reference.

1504d ago
Boody-Bandit1504d ago

I'm not seeing any snow or ice covered courses in these screenshots. I hope they implement them in FH2. Driving on the snow and ice is my favorite thing to do in Rally Racing.

k3rn3ll1504d ago

the thing is if you had it ur way we wouldnt see any footage or pictures of games until a few weeks before a game gets cert. Now and days game projects are fluid all the way till the release so builds change frequently throughout course of development. With day one patches and such people need to realize there is no guarantee on what a game will look like until it is in the wild. So you all need to stop being such whiners because there's some polygons missing from the pictures you saw at e3 2 years before hand. (Watch dogs)

Dee_911504d ago

well im sold

turn 10 the reason I bought a 360.. turn 10 the reason i buy a xbone.

IcarusOne1504d ago

Technically it's not CGI. Technically it's not in-game either.

This is using the photo mode, which drastically increases the LOD and AA on the car models. You could use this in the original Horizon to turn out some damn near photorealistic shots.

So technically they're not bullshots because the game will look this good. Just never while you're actually driving.

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sam_job1504d ago

its only you... there are three 1080p screenshots

GarrusVakarian1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

2 other people have also said there are no screenshots in that link. Clicking on 'View Screenshots' takes me to here -

Where are they?

Edit: Just refreshed the page and it changed to display the screenshots. Sneaky sneaky! At the time the article was posted, and at the time you replied to me, it was a different link altogether.

On topic: Looks great, the sky-box on the first pic is beautiful! And the rain droplets on the car in the 2nd pic reminds me of PGR :(

Septic1504d ago

Looks good. Need to see it an action.

IrishSt0ner1504d ago

They look amazing, especially the close up shot showing the rain drops on the paint work, acurate reflections and exterme detail. Stunning, although I highly doubt thats the graphics we'll see in the final product.

Clunkyd1504d ago

Its In-Engine screenshots just how every other racing game likes to fool people. When actually playing the game I bet it wont look this good.
For example, check out the screenshots for GT6 and then gameplay, Its day and night.

Psygnosis3331504d ago

Pay $60 for a game -> Spend loads more money on cars that should have been in the game in the first place.

nicksetzer11504d ago

What other next gen game has even half the cars forza 5 had? (Next-gen game) not any coming to my mind ...

Psygnosis3331504d ago

they are in progres like GT7...if they want they will relise tomorow gt7 but it will be masive cut...dont relise if its not finish or dont sell aditional DLC..give it for FREE

pedrof931504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Atm FOrza 5 in the only car game released ( excluding NFS)so...

Maybe you're refering Driveclub, but in the same way I can mention GT... SO.

Ravenor1504d ago

Because Turn 10 and Forza are the only developers/racing franchise guilty of releasing car DLC. I don't know how the lack of cars that are available in DLC detracts from the experience that comes on the disk.

Psygnosis3331504d ago

"I don't know how the lack of cars that are available in DLC detracts from the experience that comes on the disk."

Yes it detracts ..Forza is great game..only this bothers me..1/3 of the game was sell as DLC..look at the track number .compare forza 4 and 5

Good example of DLC "FAR CRY 3 - BLOOD DRAGON
the last of us left behind(only the price was not so good lol)
These examples of dlc are made after the game is finished 100% and are there to extend the expirience ..not to cut the game in a small pieces and resell it like a dlc :P

k3rn3ll1504d ago

Gt7 is gonna have Micros too dont worry

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XiSasukeUchiha1504d ago

Yes Lukas I like this hmmm!

Magicite1504d ago

Looks great.
Looks photoshopped.

truefan11504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Yup looking like the PREMIER racer come this fall. I love how people are so quick to call a downgrade, but forget Forza 5 was available at launch. Playground and Turn 10 will have gotten an extra year to optimize FH2.

PS unlike other racers FH2 is open world, has HUNDREDS of cars, day/night system, weather system, and drive-a-tars. No other racer coming this fall can boast those specs.

GarrusVakarian1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Lmao, Jesus Christ... you sound like a PR spokesperson. "NUCLEAR!" "PREMIER racer!".

"I love how people are so quick to call a downgrade, but forget Forza 5 was available at launch"

In what world is that a viable excuse? If you show something off, and lead people to believe this is the product you will get, on national TV nonetheless, only for the game to not look like that at release...that's called a downgrade, and a lie. Stop making excuses for lies. Guerilla Games don't get to have a pass with lying about 1080p MP, so neither do Turn 10. It being a launch title doesn't change the fact that the build they showed off in June looked much better than the final build of the game....5 months later.

Forza Horizon 2 for your open world simcade needs, DriveClub for your simcade traditional track/sprint needs, and Project Cars for your sim needs. Seems like a PREMIER trio, if you ask me. ;)

mrpsychoticstalker1504d ago

No other races out there compares to Forza. I AGREE.

4Sh0w1504d ago

Oh please, downgrade? pfft Forza5 looks superb, only nitpickers can do is zoom in on pics of the crowd and scream "OMG its downgraded", while the cars are freaking amazing quality, the racing tracks are gorgeous and accurate, the physics are incredible, the AI is a step forward, all at 1080p 60fps, I'd put screenshots and gameplay of Forza5 against any current gen race, out or announced. I own it and despite lacking the usual amount of content found in Forza games it is that good.

Also of course it's not an excuse to acknowledge a launch game isn't going to have depth of content and many times more flaws because it's the first on new hardware and crunch time is a beeatch.

realgame1504d ago

So tell me truefan how is the current build of forza horizon 2 and drive club since you know so much about them.

Prime1571504d ago


No you didn't have to nitpick to see the downgrade from reveal to release, a 5 month period. It was painfully obvious from when they stopped coding on PC's and out it on actual x1s.

Lawboy21504d ago

@ 4show

I totally agree I played got the game about a month ago and love's gorgeous and so much fun

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OwnageDC6501504d ago

Looks great. I just hope the final version looks the same or better. No downgrades please!

BallsEye1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Funny cause when Driveclub 6k shots were posted everyone were like AMAZING! Now FH2 with native res 1080p and it's bull?

I guess you've never played Forza. There is a photo mode where you can make shots just like these, where you set Depth of Field etc and once you're ready you take the photo which gets a bumped AA, therefore it looks SUPER smooth. That's forza 5 screens made by PLAYERS:

Just go in forza photo mode take a shot and have your mind blown. The game looks that good (only bumped AA in photo mode) and FH2 seems to look even better (obvious for a sequel). You guys discredit forza when knowing nothing about it.

killzone6191504d ago

hope the game isnt 30fps

30fps for racers suck.

dale_denton1504d ago

nice bullshots.. if they really wantd to hype it should of have shown gameplay. then again would prob be CGI like forza 5 teaser. lol.

miXter1504d ago

It's in-game! It's not bullshot!

The photomode from Forza is all real-time.

Of course sony fanboys won't even know after all they don't play xbox games. Only bullshit are thrown through their mouths.

Forza photomode is so much different from GT photomode.

Players who have played Forza 5 are not impressed by Horizon 2 visuals because this quality is already present in Forza 5.

I only see sony fanboys who didn't played Forza 5 impressed by its visual. It's in-game!

McScroggz1504d ago

So, technically speaking it might not be bullshots, but it's highly unlikely the game will look that good in practice - which for all intents and purposes is the same thing. Whenever screenshots are revealed people are supposed to believe the game will look like that; so if the game only looks as good as the screenshots when you go into a photo mode that's not exactly a selling point...

That being said I'm sure the game will be really good. I'm not into racers, but the Forza games are very popular for a reason.

VforVideogames1504d ago

WWOOOWWW Can somebody help me put my jaw on its place please?..... its on the floor.

FanboyKilla1504d ago

Lol if this was drive club everyone would be saying how amazing it looks. That cant be real pics because...... It looks good or better than your favorite racing game? *chuckles* hey i admit, it does look too good to be true. Xbox one now $399. You can be a player or a hater up to you.

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Askanison41504d ago

Article doesn't have any screenshots for Horizon 2 at all. Don't waste the click

Askanison41504d ago

Never mind, screenshots are there now.

DoesUs1504d ago

There's a yellow Lambo, a red Mitsubishi and 3 others. Looks OK. The lighting isn't particularly striking, weather effects look nice, car models look good. Yeah, all round nice.

torchic1504d ago

yeah it looks OK that's it. need to see it in motion to really judge.

that yellow Lambo screenshot looks last-gen to me, doesn't exactly fill you up with "wow" but the road + rain puddles look so real.

Neixus1503d ago

Looks like the racing games on xbox one tries to make the car look good, but forgets the enviroment around.

Driveclub looks all around better in my opinion, but we cannot judge until we get some direct feed though

kiz26941504d ago

"Or, to put it another way, Forza Horizon 2 is every bit as "next-gen" as Forza Motorsport 5. No need to worry, folks. Be happy! :-) " Forza 5 to me, wasnt Next Gen one bit not sure if this is the way they should talk about it. Im hoping more from Forza H2 than I got from F5.

Lawboy21504d ago

I love forza 5....I don't understand why so much hate

mcstorm1504d ago

Im with you on this. For me the Drivertar is the big difference in Forza 5. I have never played a racing game offline for so long as the AI keeps it fresh and a challenge. I am a big GT fan but the AI sucks and easy to see what is going to happen but in forza 5 this is not the case.

Adding this to Horizon will be amazing.

Kribwalker1504d ago

All the hate is there because it is an MS product and you are on PSN4G. Forza 5 was fantastic for a deadline driven launch game. It'll be nice to see what could get done with a little more time

hellzsupernova1504d ago

the hate is there because of the downgrade Forza got. They lied and lied and lied about how it looked then released what l;ooked NOTHING like the original trailer.

It is still the best next gen racer though.

slapedurmomsace1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


I didn't hate forza 5 at all, it's a great racer, def when you consider it was a launch game. However, it was a disappointment when the game was downgraded graphically, and it point in arguing a fact. Doesn't make it a bad game, or a bad racer, and it does look nice, not just what I was expecting from their previous builds. And my expectation level was set via turn 10 when they showed off the game.

o/t I'm gonna wait for drive club and Horizons 2 to release before I make my next racer purchase. I know I can get drive club on psn plus, but I want the full game. I wanna see if Horizons 2 looks close to what those screens shots are showing, cause they do look darn fine. I also wanna wait to see drive club in action to see if and how much of a downgrade it receives.

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Agent20091504d ago

Judging by the screenshots, it looks visually more appealable than any other racing game announced to date. Driving mechanics are yet to be seen, but considering it's going to have a wide choice of cars, open-world structure, changeable weather & time of day, it's bound to be the best arcade racer for now.

GarrusVakarian1504d ago

I don't think we need to worry about the mechanics of the driving, it uses Forza 5's engine, and that game handles like a dream. So smooth.

I can pretty much say im going to get this game day one without a second thought.

Volkama1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

This is the rare occassion where it is OK to ask "I wonder if they will go for 30frames per second".

Forza on the 360 was always 60fps, not because fanboys but because that matched the physics engine calculation cycles.

Forza Horizon 2 used the Forza engine, but at 30fps. They chose visuals over that level of physics refreshes, and I never heard anyone complain.

The choice is essentially no different today, so I guess they will opt for 30 and more fun than sim.

Sure looks pretty so far.

its_JEFF1504d ago

So just based on those 3 screen shots it's already more appealing than any other racer to date... That's a really big claim seeing as we've seen, so far: Project Cars, Forza 5, Drive Club, and The Crew... I'm gonna have to wait til I see more of this game before I say anything like that.

OsirisBlack1504d ago

Please correct your comment it should read "Judging the Bullshots" as there only appears to be one in game screenshot available. Which is unfortunate I have no idea when Microsoft is going to stop the press bs.

Gamer6661504d ago

There are many screen shots there.