PS4 1.71 Firmware Update Available Now: Solves Major Bugs; 194 MB Download

Sony Computer entertainment just made the 1.71 update for the PS4 available for download. It's a 194 MB package.

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URNightmare1175d ago

An update 194MB big a week before E3. Are they getting the system ready for another update with some good features next week?

Just speculating. Don't get excited.


Abriael1175d ago

I'd chalk that at extremely unlikely.

inveni01175d ago

I still have the software bug where the system thinks it needs to eject a disk all of the time. :growl:

Reaon1175d ago

I had that aswell and I got it fixed by booting the ps4 in safe mode and choosing "rebuild database" from the safe mode list. You could try that.

inveni01175d ago


I've done that a billion times. It works for a bit, but soon reverts to its own ways.

cee7731175d ago


That's not A software bug something is wrong with your ps4 I too had this problem I called Sony they sent me A new ps4

mikeslemonade1175d ago

The bug I have is my USB ports won't charge or recognize any USB devices.

Aghashie1174d ago

@ guys w the eject problem

That is not a software bug. There r two known reasons causing this problem.

1- hard disk cover got a loose screw. Just get it tight. (This was the case w a friend of mine, problem solved after tightening all screws on damn cover and hdd.)

2- dust. PS4 suck air from sides to keep internals cooled. So, if placed on a dusty place it will get dust inside. The eject button itself will malfunction if enough dust gets there. (This happened to me. I had to open the whole thing and get it clean. On the side note, I wipe dust off and vacuum two times a week, was not enough to prevent dust to get inside. Problem solved after cleaning the eject button. Button was reading always open on multimeter for conductive test, it should read close, and read open at 1.5v... Whatever, don't want to get too technical.)

Just tight screws and keep it clean. That should work. And do not open ur PS4 to get it clean unless u know... Just don't open the thing. Period.

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MrTimesplitters1175d ago

My Wii U updates was way better than this.

joel_c171175d ago

Bought a wiiu yesterday with mario kart 8, a free download and another free game i traded in for monster hunter! Its actually a really awesome console. Great partner for my PC and ps4 :)

marcindpol1175d ago

16 players cross game party chat is supported now!

sonerone1175d ago

really? I'm not at home now, but if this true than I'm proper happy with the update

WeAreLegion1175d ago

Have you ever chatted with 15 other people at once?

marcindpol1175d ago

Yep, I noticed that right after the maintenance finished but before the update went live. I was able to create a party and sent up to 16 invites to join it.

johndoe112111175d ago

@we are legion

Believe it or not, that comes in pretty handy when you're playing games like battlefield , cod and killzone. The teams in those games are between 12 and 32 people.

Louisvign1175d ago


Yes I have. Ever done a 24 man dungeon raid in a MMORPG (thinking of FF ARR here)? You need communication in these types of games and sometimes a keyboard doesn't cut it for many situations.

In conclusion ever played a game like Planetside (1000 vs 1000 players, coming soon to PS4)? Where even 50+ players come and roleplay?

So yes there are many situations where you can be communicating with 16+ people with voice.

Ibetruth1175d ago

Jus to update u guys it's not a 16 player party chat u can send 16 invites out but only eight ppl can talk.

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Sharky2311175d ago

So I guess that insider knew what he was talking about.

Mr_Writer851175d ago

You think bug fixing firmware makes this the most exciting week in 2014 for the PS4?

Doesn't take a lot to please you does it.

Kane221175d ago

strange how there isn't an article about this. and that Sony didn't say anything about this at all.


oh k so you can do 16 invites but when you go to the party chat and look top of the screen it says 8 players max

Ibetruth1175d ago

Jus to update u guys it's not a 16 player party chat u can send 16 invites out but only eight ppl can talk

Tru_Blu1175d ago

That sucks. Would have been useful in BF, end up with 8 pretty easy and more space would be welcome.

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xKugo1175d ago

One word: Disappointing...

If there's one thing severely lacking on PS4, it's got to be features. Features, mind you, that have been on my PS3 for years. Honestly, I don't know why Sony chose to release their next-generation console with no customizable themes(one of the coolest features of the PS3), no mp3 playback, no Social media apps(something that even the Vita has), no file organization and suspend/resume(something they said would be there at launch!)

Yet, here we are, 7 months into this console generation and no features have been added to this machine except the removal of HDCP, crappy footage capture at 2003-esque 720p and ShareFactory, a feature nobody even asked for. I like Sony, I really do but man they have to be the worst of the Big 3 when it comes to software updates and feature sets on their console. Dammit their games are awesome but their firmware updates suck ass. So frustrating...

Majin-vegeta1175d ago

Ummm cuz they have to rewrite the coding for all the features due to the PS3&PS4 different archeticture.Does anyone even read studd around here anymore?.

xKugo1175d ago

You're seriously telling me Sony hasn't had time to rewrite some code for launch of these features in: the years of making this console, all last year promoting the console and now 7 months past it's well-recieved launch?? Is that your argument, because if so it's a pretty weak one. I'm a big PlayStation guy, have been all my life, but there is no denying that they are behind on features big-time. The fact that people justify their being behind and point to the PS3 as a reference point only serves to solidify my point that they suck at updating their consoles.

I freaking hate Xbox and Microsoft with pretty much all my being, have nothing against their games as some of them are great, so it pains me to see such a great company in Sony coupled with a great console in the PS4 be held back by a glaring lack of rudimentary functionality and features any normal person would expect to come with a device in the year 2014.

Even as a pro-Sony guy, I'm not oblivious to their obvious flaws and neither should the rest of you. Something that has always made PlayStation fans great is their willingness to harshly criticize Sony's mishaps and faults, refusing to be blind loyalist. Some of that has been lost in the mist of the last generation thanks to the Xbox 360, but I refuse to wear my Sony shades and shut my ears.

P.S: I'm assuming you mean't 'stuff' and if so then yes, I did read the article and am still left being disappointed with this latest offering. Just my opinion..

kneon1175d ago


I take it you've never worked on large software projects. This is normal. The "nice to have" type features get lowest priority, they only make it in the first release when the "must have" features are done ahead of schedule, and that almost never happens.

Unreal011175d ago

So what is it that the other "big two" do that makes Sony look so bad? I'm happy with the PS4 updates, just as I was happy with the PS3 ones. It's a good console as it is, why should you expect all of these things? The only things I think are necessary are MP3 playback, and notifications telling you when your friends are online or offline (pretty annoying) other than that I'm pretty happy.

Hk85karlsson1175d ago

2003-esque 720p? Did U game on consoles at that resolution back then? Great.

We need features, that part I agree about.
But lets not forget, It´s still a capable machine with neat features. Still, they´ll release major features this year, I´m certain of it.

kingboy1175d ago

@ xKugo , At this point i begin to share your concerns as well for it's frustrating that a device capable of great multimedia capabilities is being gimped beyond further notice,yes! sure these updates will eventually come but it's taking bloody long already

Codey471175d ago

If you want to blast on about features and the duration on how fast they're fixed...then MS are no saints either.

Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD are still not supported on the Xbox know those two codecs that come with the majority of Blu Rays since the cavemen went ugg(Slight exaggeration maybe) But they've been out and active for over seven years now. And now you have Blu Ray Audio which has also been out for quite sometime now, albeit not as long.

I know it supports MPCM (Multichannel PCM) but it'd be nice to have a choice in audio codecs. Especially in this day and age.. even smartphones support it.

So it's not really the all in one media centre/center as advertised.

One word: Unacceptable...

GW2121175d ago

Not sure why you're bringing XB1 up here. He stated that he is disappointed that there are some missing features on the PS4 that are important to HIM. Forget about the XB1, it's not always a competition. Don't excuse PS4 by saying "well they don't have it either." That's ridiculous and childish.

It's his opinion on the PS4. He clearly prefers that console over the others and he's allowed to complain about it.

Oagoz1175d ago

It's sad you complain about playststion when they fix major bugs.