Among the Sleep Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Out of last year's many Kickstarter success stories, one of the most intriguing was Among The Sleep from new developer Krillbite. A first person survival horror is still a cool prospect if done well, but their spin seemed particularly intriguing. The genre's been seeing a renaissance on PC with the likes of Amnesia and Outlast, and yet Krillbite's game still stands out for that spin. Put simply, the main character is a two-year-old child. Since horror gaming is most effective when the player feels powerless, putting them in the shoes of a helpless infant should equate to the scariest game of all time... if done right. Let's find out."

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finite1452d ago

this game is so good.. should be in the 7 to 8 or even higher,but of coarse that's my opinion.