[MWEB GameZone] Watch_Dogs PC Review | Weapon of Mass Disruption

"Watch_Dogs is a fun and involving game. I would highly recommend that you accept the challenges from other gamers, even the chases. The campaign will take you a good few hours to complete, but what will keep you going for longer is completing side missions and challenges."

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HanCilliers1510d ago

Forget about the threat of weapons of mass destruction, it's the age of Weapons of Mass Disruption.

lord zaid1510d ago

So is there anyone that hates this game? Because it seems to be coming roses everywhere

GabeSA1510d ago

It comes up Roses, because it is actually quite good. Its not as breakthrough as I expected to be honest, but its entertaining, has lots of little extras and that little extra is the ability for other gamers to enter your comfort zone and take you on. I could NAG about the little things, but its not really worth it because the overall experience is what i want in a game, and Watch Dogs delivers.

IC3_DEMON1510d ago

I'm with you on this. This game is overrated. People are either in denial or blinded by all the marketing Ubisoft has done.

And as a PC player im not talking about the stuttering.