Xbox Live Deals With Gold: 3rd-9th June 2014

The Xbox Live Deals with Gold weekly sale bargains for 3rd-9th June 2014 bring some discounts to a few 'must own' titles.

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oKidUKo1363d ago

Can't believe I've never heard of Storm. Looks like a rather decent intellectual puzzler and there's a few other decent bargains this time.

Clown_Syndr0me1363d ago

The Far Cry games are good prices.
But Ghosts over £30?! It was £15 in Tesco not long ago.

neil3631363d ago

Whilst the 360 deals are rather decent this time, the Xbox One offerings are absolute rubbish. How many times have we seen Ghosts and NBA 2k14 discounted on the One already?