Microsoft Wants to Improve Their Gaming Presence on Windows, But Will They?

Rumors of Microsoft taking a more aggressive stance in the PC gaming market have been swirling about since mid-2013. While Microsoft has claimed in the past to want to do more on the PC side of things, we've all seen the years come and go without much of an uptick in their first party PC titles. While Microsoft has completely failed with Games for Windows Live, they've also spearheaded the whole DirectX thing, which clearly the PC benefits from (as well as the Xbox). If you include DirectX, it's decidedly been a pretty mixed bag in recent years.

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Nanux1357d ago

MS should leave xbox1 and focus only on PC. Realease some xbox machine(like steam machine) witch cheaper version of windows, xbox1 controler, keyboard-mouse.


Zichu1357d ago

They need to follow through, people are already complaining that they took away features from the X1 and are changing stuff.

Are people really going to trust them any more if they got rid of the X1 and focused on PC?? I don't think they would.

Baszs1357d ago

Ms should just make their next Windows a gamerfriendly environment.

But why should they invest in bringing xbox-titles to pc, most pc-gamers get their copies illegally. so there isn't really a profit to be made on pc at least not on the level of console games sales.

it's one of the reasons why Rockstar doesn't release
GTA-V on it, or they plan to release it months and months later after they cashed in the consoles money.

Zichu1357d ago


This is why they need to make it appealing. I know you will always have those people that pirate games regardless of how friendly a service is.

Steam seems to be doing well and has millions of people to cater to.

I'm not saying MS will be able to have as big of a following that Steam has, but they can certainly work on uniting Windows and Xbox together to create a service that appeals to both audiences at a great price.

If I knew I could just log into my account on Windows and play any game on my account, whether I bought on the X1 or Windows, I would gladly get it.

kevnb1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Even if pc gaming itself makes very little money games are a huge part of what makes many people buy windows machines. Pc gaming is very profitable by the way, especially multiplayer games that aren't pirated. Gta v is one game, diablo 3 is another...

XiSasukeUchiha1357d ago


I do agree with this, Windows should be their only focus!

Nanux1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It was kinda of troll comment. But i think in 3 years from now xbox will have some kind of window games and software emulation, if they will not release something similar to PlayStation Now (Windows Cloud).

steve30x1357d ago

Not with the horrible Modern UI they wont. The sales figures show people dont like the Modern UI so they should give us a choice to have the windows 7 start button back in desktop mode. Also I can run windows 7 for as long as I want without it crapping out on me but every time I run windows 8 it starts blue screeni8ng on me for no reason what so ever after a few weeks. I also see people having problems with software and games compatibility in windows 8.

Charybdis1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I do believe that Microsoft said the start button will make a come back. Wonder how compatability for games will work out,on pc side of things, with dx12.

Thantalas1357d ago

Of course Microsoft want to improve their presence on Windows because if the Xbox/Windows games store on PC becomes the main destination for digital purchases they will make a sweet 30% of every sale.

This is what Valve is so concerned about, that is why they are trying to build the Steam Box platform. So Microsoft is in a difficult position, they have exclusives for Xbox but can't give games like Halo or Gears to Windows for fear of devaluing the value to Xbox gamers. So now they have to find different exclusives more appropriate to PC gamers. Just this week they bought classic franchise Rise of Nations. I think we will see more buys like this and Microsoft making more games specifically for the PC platform.

Zichu1357d ago

They need to connect Windows and Xbox together, not the devices, but the services.

For them to ensure that people will use Windows, they need to make sure games are also developed for Windows. They could have deals like, you buy for example, Watch Dogs on the X1. They could give you a discount on the Windows version. Almost like an indefinite sale, or make it free depending on the game. Achievements could be connected to your account and transfer, same with game saves.

It would be good for situations where someone might want to play a game on the X1, but you also want to, so you could instead, play your game on your PC without any interruptions, no using memory sticks and such to transfer saves or your account. Everything is on the cloud already, your achievements, your account, your saves.

mcstorm1357d ago

@steve30x I have been using Windows 8 since the beta and never once had an issue running any program I ran on windows 7 with windows 8. I do agree the new start screen is not for everyone and when Windows 8 was launched the OS was very messy and so was the start screen but since getting the 8.1.1 update I have found the start screen is very good for both touch and none touch devices as they have now added items in like popup menus when you now use a right click on a mouse or big menus when you press and hold with a finger.

For me the new start screen is better than the start button as you can now customise it how you want and I have all my apps I use pinned to it and in am order. I also find it quicker to use than the old state menu and if you ever have an issues finding an app you just start typing it on the state screen like you did in the start search box.

Since 8.1.1 has come out it also bends the lines between old an new us and desktop.

As I said its not for everyone but for me I really enjoy using windows 8.1.1 on my work pc (none touch) and my Surface 2.

As for Microsoft gaming side foe me they now need to look to make all the apps in the Windows app store be ported to the Xbox one app store and then look at making some cross platform games too.

I still think Forza, Halo Gears and others should stay exclusive to the Xbox brand but cerate some new IP's that are Microsoft exclusives too. They also need to bring in the mobile side to this as well.

Hopefully Phil can see the bigger picture in terms of what Microsoft can offer for the gaming industry and like he is now doing with the xbox one by making it about games do the same with the xbox brand including Phone and Windows as this is one advantage Microsoft have over Sony and Nintendo.

steve30x1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Ive run windows 8 three times and every time I start getting BSOD's a few times a day after three weeks but it lasted up to three and a half months before it started in windows 8.1. Also Ive seen in many forums where people have software compatibility problems. I am running Windows 7 with 4 months now and its still running perfectly. Also theymade it extra hard to install some drivers. With my sound card I have to install the driver through hardware install in control panel then I have to install the user interface seperatly afterwards. With non WHQL Nvidia drivers you have to disable driver signature enforcement to install the drivers.

Einhert1357d ago

Nah you stay right where you are MS

We don't need the PC to become a closed off space where you are charged for online.

Immorals1357d ago

Severing games for Windows, announcing dx12, having big XBox titles come to pc also, it's a start

Perjoss1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Like the person below said, they need to make changes or additions that will make people like windows as a gaming platform. Come up with some really good ideas, lock down all the things that are not that great about gaming on PC right now and improve or fix them. Not try to force stuff down people throats.

cabbitwithscissors1357d ago

Lol, April fools was a couple of months back. MS you're late.

Anyways, this looks to be MS hedging their bets. If their sales for xbone doesn't improve, they'll probably start releasing games on both PC and xbone platforms for this gen. Come next gen, I'm sure we'll see PC relegated back to the doldrums of in-existence for MS.

Just you wait and see.

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