What next for the PlayStation Vita?

Sony's PlayStation Vita has struggled for definition. Is it a console for hard-core gamers? Is it for kids? Or is it an indie platform? Daniel New looks at why the Vita has struggled to make an impact.

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joeorc1322d ago

people are worried? what about the PSVita?

what is so [email protected] worriesome? for instance ever since Nintendo dropped the price on the 3DS and it took off the negativity really kicked in gear and shift over to the PSVita, and for what?

This same [email protected] perception about the viability of the PSVita is not going to [email protected] well change anytime soon or if ever, but here we are at the freaking 1000th [email protected] write up about the future prospects of the PSVita.

We get it, Nintendo has the lead, it has had the freaking lead in this part of the market for what over a decade already? the only other company that comes in even close to the market share of Nintendo in dedicated Mobile gameing is Sony! so unless you want to bring in Smartphones and tablets to point out as a negative against Sony, which many seem to do, but if you bring in smartphones and tablets than Even Nintendo looks like a [email protected] small fry in market dynamic market share because in the time it takes for a dedicated game handheld to obtain 20 million sale through a year for hardware, smartphone companies in 3 months times are sell over 10 million+ units a sales Quarter! that means in half a years time, Even Sony is sell more xperia smartphones than Nintendo is selling the 3DS in one single full year! and that fact of Sony not even having anywhere near the number of Samsung's over 50 million + per sales quarter, or Apple's over 28 million proves with the App store sales that Handheld gaming is not just "dedicated game systems only" anymore .

which increases direct challenge to the status market share.
one of which the gulf in market share is not related to an identity problem its a market disruption problem!

Unlike Nintendo, the only other company to come even close to gather any real market share in this part of the handheld market as large of a % not including smartphones and tablets is Sony IE: sony would be 2nd place if you could ignore smart phones and tablets. continue B ----

joeorc1322d ago

Part B- But you cannot ignore Smartphones and Tablets, because that is whare the majority of 3rd party developers are moving, what does it say to you when even rockstar games is putting Grandtheft auto San Andreas on the iOS platform and Google's Android OS, but not on the Nintendo 3DS or the PSVita ? the very fact that a vast majority of those games while older are or were set to run on a living room game console but right now are running on a device set mainly as a communication device 1st priority, but yet is getting games that dedicated game systems should be getting but yet are not getting! and its not even just Rockstar games Only.

Part c-

joeorc1322d ago

part c-

The truth of the matter is the hardware inside smartphones and Tablets are robust enough to provide such that with a bluetooth game pad, that by the way more companies are making that connect with smartphones and Tablets anyway, means less and Less of a reason to invest into somthing like a PSVita.

Nintendo has less of this problem because 1) Nintendo handhelds or pretty much any Nintendo platform sale on Nintendo 1st party Games, the systems are purchased for mainly 1st party offering's, while the Sony handheld was mainly purchased to Hack! think about that when most of the time the games made for the PSP were UMD dumped to online software distribution network's, now that there is not A) easy to aquired PC to Memory card reader for PSVita memory cards. B) Memory cards are higher priced C) Not enough install base yet for 3rd party developers to invest into making 3rd party AAA exclusives for a system that cost's almost much in development cost's as close to a living room game console! the Nintendo handhelds are using much older Arm Holding chipsets, along with a Pica 200 GPU while the PSVita is using the exact same GPU that is inside the IPAD 3!, but yet why is many ipad developers not making games to the PSVita?

Its simple really the cost in doing so would not be nearly as much, but when you see post after [email protected] post "we want AAA unique experience" instead we get Just a port. = many 3rd party developrs say "why freaking bother!"

Again when smartphones and Tablets are getting over 100 [email protected] times the number of units sold in a givin sales Quarter than dedicated handheld game systems, and yet the App stores of those units are getting games from Rockstar Games but yet they are not porting those very same games over, than you know where the market is going.

This most likely will be the last dedicated Game handheld From Sony, if the market dynamics show one thing Sony is already gearing to move the mobile portable Playstation to smartphones and tablet gaming anyway. the Consumer has in effect told the companies that is what they infact want, because unless you are Nintendo this part of the market cannot really support another dedicated games handheld with large market share other than Nintendo gathering the lions share of what's left of this part of the market share for a company to even Aquire.

Sony again sales over 10+ million xperia smartphones a sales Quarter, all of those smartphones has the Playstation App, and will most likely have access to the PlaystationNow software service soon, is it really any wonder Sony is concentrating on that more than the PSVita?

Sony will no Doubt continue to support the PSVita as long as they can, Hell Sony is even counting on PSVita TV as being the "Go to service box for Playstation Now"

Its hardware is robust enough, just do not expect real die hard AAA investment into, PSVita when steaming games that already run on the PS4 and by default will also run on the PSVita be the "AAA" quality gaming that Sony and 3RD party are going to be investing into the PSVita platform with. we may get a dedicated AAA PSVita game here and there for the PSVita , but do not expect this explosion on AAA development any time soon if ever; if that makes the PSVita Platform just a "port machine or Indie machine" than so be it, the very fact that Sony is investing more into network and network streaming software distribution software and service over the PSVita, already tell's you something.

that 10+ million xperia smartphones sold a sales quarter is the very reason why.

RinkyDinkyDan1322d ago

Woah, joeorc great posts. Hope you are writing somewhere. :)

joeorc1322d ago

Again i have seen many across the internet say well why is Sony investing into indies so much, or "Playstation is a indie game system box"

the investment into these indie developers are more than to just "pad the releases" its about gearing them up for a software service they can release games on a platform agnostic service that support a dedicated game network digital software distribution of download/streaming service not just for living room but for mobile like the living room console game network does, but for mobile included.

if you have not noticed Sony is not just doing a "windows glass" type of thing only, for mobile gaming, Sony is building more than just that type of service, and you need content for such a service old and new content alike, low cost high return on investment getting more indie developers on board is one of the reason's Sony has been investing very heavy into indies for the past 9 years!

DualWielding1322d ago

I know what's next for the Vita, Neptunia titles, loads of them....