Visceral to Include Battlefield YouTubers and Competitive Players in Hardline Development Process

MP1st - Various Battlefield personalities within the competitive and YouTube communities are making clear their involvement in the development process of Visceral Games’ upcoming cops vs. criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline.

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venom061454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

this is awesome news.. and its even better that they invite folks that were actually critical of BF4 so that we know that won't just be "yes" men... all of those positive comments from their playtesting in San Francisco is GREAT news for this game.... Really lookin forward to this addition to the franchise from these positive comments from folks who have been very critical of Battlefield here recently.....

Matt6661453d ago

no it not great because half the you tubers will probably say things like put quick scoping and no scoping in the game and make the knife one hit kill regardless where you hit etc, what a way to shoot your self's in the foot by ruining your own game.

Hazmat131454d ago

360 no scope sniper lets chill here the entire game and never move! BLAZE IT!!!!

Codewow1454d ago

Guessing FrankieonPC and JackFrags will be a part of this group as they are the only two I watch.

torchic1454d ago

that's terrible news... way to over inflate some YouTube egos! what about interning kids who actually do something worthwhile with their lives, struggling through years of intense college education to become game designers?

Einhert1453d ago

You seem bitter

Also lol at thinking you need to go to college to give an educated opinion on game design.

torchic1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

bitter? lol why would I be bitter I'm just speaking the truth my man... look I can understand MLG gamers who know the Battlefield mechanics inside out, probably a little better than even the designers at DICE themselves but YouTube kiddies? lol you're probably just a fanboy of one of those kids so I'm really just wasting my time here

"educated opinion"

you can't give an educated opinion without getting an education, dummy :/

Einhert1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Actually you can give an educated opinion on something you have personally educated yourself on be that game mechanics.

I like how your trying to strike the "I'm mature" chord yet you resort to calling me a fanboy when I don't even watch anyone who plays Battlefail.

Also lol at calling these people Youtube kiddies when they are the best BF players around and MLG? BF has never been on their roster of games.

Basically your post just spouts ignorance, bitterness and an unwillingness to understand those who make money doing something they love.

Now back to your miserable 9 - 5 job you worked so hard in college for.

ginsunuva1454d ago

Wtf is a battlefield youtuber?