Mario Kart 8 Could Be the Savior of the Wii U

8CN: I remember the first time I heard the phrase "selling like hot-cakes" I thought it was really weird. Then I realized that it kind of makes sense, because if something is selling really well, maybe you're so surprised that your brain stops working and you utter that phrase. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mario Kart 8 is selling like hot-cakes.

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Godz Kastro1234d ago

I just saw a "Mario Kart isnt enough to save the WiiU", now we get this...

JohnathanACE1234d ago

Honestly we won't know if it saved the Wii U right away but we do know that it defiantly helped move quite a few consoles.

BattleN1234d ago

I pictured you your msg as a nurse talking over the condition of a severely ill individual haha! Avatar helped with that too!

BX811234d ago

What was it 1.2mil plus MK sold already? This plus if they announce the new zelda with a near release date would help big!

DarthZoolu1233d ago

I work at gamestop and what I see daily says Wii U is still doing bad. I haven't sold a single Wii U in weeks and I try to push that thing on everybody to keep my numbers up. I sold plenty of MK8 games just no Wii Us

FACTUAL evidence1234d ago

I'm sorry but a new zelda couldn't even save the wii u.

Mykky1234d ago

I think you redeemed yourself not sorry by uttering such a statement.

FACTUAL evidence1234d ago

Lol it's true. This or a zelda game ain't helping that wiiu.

3-4-51234d ago

How is selling 1.2 million games " not helping " ?

Isn't that a shining example of "helping" ?

MrSec841234d ago

Lol, I know what you mean.

Mario Kart always moves units, if people think otherwise they don't know much about gaming history.

OrangePowerz1234d ago

One game gives only a temporary boost amd Nintendo needs more than one game. If they can release games on the level of Mario Kart frequently they will be fine. There is no doubt about the quality of Nintendo games, but they don't have the biggest dev team hence why we don't get that often games from them.

MNGamer-N1234d ago

The definitely need more help in the development department if they are going to be relying on first party games. The releases are to few and far between. But when they do come, the are always critically acclaimed and some of the best video games. Just need to make more of them and make em a bit quicker.

Lon3wolf1234d ago

X may shift a fair few more consoles (only my opinion of course) as that is looking really nice so far. Hopefully more non-indie 3rd party support may come back Nintendo's way too if they can shift more units that is.

JackOfAllBlades1234d ago

So many articles about Mario saving the day, I don't want the Wii U to fail like some do, but I don't see myself buying a console for 1 game.

KonsoruMasuta1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

The point of MK8 isn't to make you buy the console for just one game.

It's to grab your attention and say "Hey! You see this! Buy our console and you can get this game, other existing games, and more titles that are on the way"

That's why Nintendo is also offering a free game with the purchase for a limited time. They want you to see more value in your purchase.

vickers5001234d ago

It was very smart of them to include a free game with mk8, that was the only reason I chose Mario kart over watch dogs.

randomass1711234d ago

Wii U has a lot of cool games IMO. It's totally worth it, especially now. Don't forget they have a number of Wii U games coming out this year, including Smash Bros. :)

BattleN1234d ago

If Bill Gates gave you a WiiU free youd sell it on ebay admit it!

JackOfAllBlades1234d ago

Damn sorry for upsetting people, I'd love a portable /home console hybrid from Nintendo

MeLoveRamen1234d ago

Well then buy a wii u for all of its exclusives,(mario bros u, luigi u, mario 3d world, donkey kong tf, wonderful101, pikmin3, zombiu, mario kart 8, zelda wind waker hd, scrbblenaunts unlimited and dc universe, monster hunter 3 ultimate, nintendo land, lego city, sonic lost world) and more that i can't think of, so mario kart can be the system seller then people can look at all the games that the wii u has and then can become less jaded.

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AWBrawler1234d ago

The hotcakes phrase is very old, but to this day hotcakes still sell pretty damn good.

thehobbyist1234d ago

It's cliche because it's true

kohlgamer1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Apparently a 2 week sales spike is gonna save the system.

What a joke

AWBrawler1234d ago

lol the lengths people go to just to belittle nintendo. It won't be just a 2 week spike. E3 is around the corner and i bet Nintendo has some suprise announcements with games available right after the show

BattleN1234d ago

I'm expecting Mario Kart 8 dlc to announced too!

thehobbyist1234d ago

No, but you know what will? Nintendo's big releases being this year while more and more PS4/XBONE games are being pushed back to 2015. What do you think will sell more this holiday season, a poster telling you to pre-order The Order: 1886 and Arkham Knight? Or Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, and Smash Bros all lined up for you to buy RIGHT NOW?
I'll let you think about that.

kohlgamer1233d ago


Lol are you actually saying that the wii U will outsell the ps4 this holiday season? I was being a little sarcastic when I said two week spike. Yes there sales will increase a little with each of there big games coming out but they will not even come close to competing with ps4/xbone. Lol I still cant believe you said that! Thank you for that, it made my day

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