Nintendo @ E3 2014: Every Current Event With Dates & Times

Not only has the Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 event been fully detailed today, but Nintendo News has consolidated all other Nintendo @ E3 events, to include times and dates into one single news article for your convenience.

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RAFFwaff1363d ago

Can't wait. Don't know why, but ive got a feeling Mario Galaxy 3/ Mario Universe will be announced for December release. I'm hoping for Metroid for second E3 running, though.

Apex131362d ago

looking forward to all 3 even though Sony and MS will feature same games at best.

Nintendo is defo number one for me and I think it will be strong for all but MS have the most to gain. Nintendo have the most to prove but I don't know why as they have a great system with rubbish third party support which is a lesson learnt.

Sony are doing well but I have a ps4 and there is nothing amazing about it, it plays games like it should.

AJBACK2FRAG1362d ago

Rubbish third party support but the Wii U is the indies darling. I wonder how that'll work out lol!

Spooney3231362d ago

Metroid. Need I say more