Sony PSP Halting Japan Shipments, Offering Vita Trade-In

Twinfinite writes, "Well it's the end of an era for one of Sony's more controversial pieces of hardware."

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Protagonist1509d ago

Loved my PSP but I love my PS Vita even more...and it is about time Sony retired the PSP.

GribbleGrunger1509d ago

Shipments now ended worldwide:

"Tokyo-based Sony said Tuesday that PSP shipments ended in North America in January, will end in Japan this month and later this year in Europe."

Protagonist1509d ago

Yup I know, since I read the article, hence the "about time Sony retired the PSP" ;))

chrisarsenalsavart1509d ago

Dear gribblegrunger
your old avatar will be missed.

3-4-51508d ago

I bought one for the first time last year. I still have like 20 games to beat for it, so I'll get my use out of it, but it's going to take some time.

GribbleGrunger1509d ago

This is the perfect scenario for Sony and developers. Sony will increase the chances of selling Vitas and PSP developers will still have reason to make PSP games if they so wished because there are 80+ million PSPs already sold and the Vita is backward compatible.

Inception1509d ago

One of the best handheld i ever had

Goodbye my old friend. May the force be with you...

Protagonist1509d ago

The Midichlorians were 80 millions strong with this one ;))

BillytheBarbarian1509d ago

Psp's dpad sucked. If it wasn't for that it would have been the best for hacking retro games. Street Fighter 2 is pointless but it's great for turn based rpgs and stuff that doesn't require precision dpad movement. Vita's dpad is much better.

DeadManMMX1509d ago

Aaaaaaand iiiiiiiii wiiiillll alllllwaaaays looooove youuuuuu uwwww ohhh. One of the best systems I ever owned. Allowed me to mod it and play snatcher on setga cd and policenauts fan subbed. Just years of memories you will be missed.

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