Wanna See Some EA UFC Demo Gameplay?

Kahlief Adams here Editor-in-Chief at TheSpawnPointBlog. EA UFC is absolutely one of the most anticipated titles for this year and after playing the demo tonight I have to say that my want for this game has gone through the roof.

This footage was captured on PS4


*UPDATE* The fine folks at EA have provided some much needed tutorial videos that you should all check out to be the best demo fighter EVAR, Check them out here:

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berimbolo1507d ago

looks good. I have never played a UFC game and am a bit skeptical about it.

sourav931507d ago

The visuals look good, but some of the punching animations seemed robotic....

kahjah1507d ago

I felt this too, I'm hoping this got tuned in the final version.

gedden71507d ago

The ground n pound game looks awkward as hell. and the overall the animations look still and last gen... And superman punches are not that effective as they are in this game..

Looks ok as a game though. Looks like Fight Night Round MMA

gedden71507d ago

Wait nevermind did I just see a WWE Suplex??? nevermind I'm thru... this is an Arcade Game...

kahjah1507d ago

Another thing I hope they tune in the game, could be the demo, could be the difficulty level, could be style of game. Let's see if that changes.

Either way it was a lot of fun to play.

SuperBlur1507d ago

oh i see you haven't met Rustam , suplex is one of his specialties He only recently joined the ufc and he won his first ufc fight by suplexing the shit out of his opponent . at 3:12 for the ufc footage

now im not disagreeing with you because anything past middleweight is extremely uncommon to see suplex's and i do hope they tone it down

Seraphemz1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

A true MMA fan...nice.

I wonder why is was a 3 round fight if they announced Jones a the champ before the fight.

SuperBlur1507d ago

Seraph , i couldn't tell you .. every time i play the game ,either as jones or gust , it never goes the distance , even when the AI stamina is low , they just keep pushing and pushing and one punch to set them back has a high potential to T/KO them .. i tried to slow down the fight , targeting the body/legs when it happened and they'd just one punch ko me

and the annoying suplex .. i never seen so many of them from both gust and jones in their entire career

there is a major flaw in the ground mechanic.. if you're the one being sent to the mat , just press L3 once or twice , your character will get up and there is nothing the guy on top of you can do.

wannabe gamer1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

never watched mma i guess. it happens and will; happen more since its ya know a vidya game, what do you expect for the game to say no you have done that move once already so you cant do it again since that doesnt happen in a real fight.

ScottyHoss1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )
yeah because thats totally not something we see in MMA... /s

edit: ahaha looks like a few guys beat me to it

FITgamer1507d ago

You obviously don't follow much MMA the suplex is very common.

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rello911507d ago

Looks good just the delayed reactions kinda suck

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