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OnlySP: Creating a deep and meaningfully interactive mystery in a video game is somewhat difficult. Balancing “gameplay” elements that restrict the player sufficiently while offering a complicated and intriguing mystery for players to solve is a balancing act. The result is often too “gamey”, or too narratively unfocused. Airtight Games have taken the challenge of this on with their new game Murdered: Soul Suspect, hoping to deliver a tight, focused supernatural detective mystery with entertaining and engaging gameplay mechanics that make the player feel involved in the story. Set in Salem, Massachusetts’s haunted streets of pain and woe, Murdered: Soul Suspect is promising to immerse us in a deep and twisted mystery to solve the hardest murder of all – our own. And, by and large, it lives up to that lofty promise of intrigue.

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NewMonday1510d ago

Getting plenty of good scores, and the bad ones are from those who don't like adventure games, nice to see a professional doing his job for once

darren_poolies1510d ago

So a professional is only doing his job if he gives games good scores?

NewMonday1510d ago

A professional is honest and consistent, and approaches a game in the proper context.

Not doing that is being disingenuous to the developers who worked hard on the game and the gamers who want to be well informed.

darren_poolies1510d ago


But you're just assuming that all those that gave it a bad review did so because they didn't approach it in the proper context. Which is a silly thing to assume.

They may have approached it in the perfect context, it just might not be a very good game which is the general conciousness.

NewMonday1510d ago


I'm just talking about IGN, should have specified, sorry.

as for "general consciousness" the scores registered on N4G so far are:

16 total, average 7.5
8 are scores of 8 and over
3 are scores of 7
2 are scores of 6
2 are scores of about 5

one review has no score but the following positive impression "Pros: Great story+Interesting presentation+Great acting/ Cons: Occasionally glitchy"

so you tell me what is the "general consciousness" so far?

darren_poolies1510d ago

The "general conciousness" is a 58/100 on Metacritic.

starchild1510d ago

The "general consensus" doesn't actually exist, only individuals exist. And many individuals thought the game was great. Who's to say I can't agree with those people? Why do some of you treat review score averages as if they were the gospel truth?

More and more games are receiving mixed or polarized scores. So it's silly to act like the average is the "true" score of the game, because that would essentially be like disregarding the opinions of those whose opinions resulted in the "average" in the first place.

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coolbeans1510d ago

Only game I've very, very tempted to pick up this summer.

iistuii1510d ago

Strange that people either are loving it or hating it. Gonna pick it up in the sales. I've got so much I'm playing, but I'm definately gonna give this a go..

Neonridr1510d ago

imagine some people loving a game, and others not. What a crazy world this has become.. ;)

iistuii1510d ago

I meant reviewers. Reviewers of games generally are pretty much in tune. But this game has split them more than most games. There's usually a couple of points between most games, but there's very rarely a game that ranges from a 9 to a 4, that's what I was getting at. But that's fine, you carry on being sarcastic if it makes you feel better.

Neonridr1510d ago

@iistuii - well look at Thief, reviews for that game were all over the map.. However this game seems to be getting more bad than good reviews, just based on the ones that are posted on metacritic.

I wasn't trying to insult you or anything with my comment.

Zichu1510d ago

I really like the idea for this game, sadly, I don't get paid till next week, but I will definitely get this game.

bienio1510d ago

Good and bad reviews of this game are. Wondering? looks like we will have to find buying game in day one, anyway Friday already not far;)

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