EA Sports UFC Demo Out Already on Xbox One; PlayStation 4 Soon to Follow

The EA Sports UFC demo is out early on Xbox One. PS4 following on Tuesday afternoon.

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DEEBO1450d ago

At 79% now on the x1 but will download it for the ps4 too so i can play with my son.

aceitman1449d ago

its already out on ps4 since 6pm


I got mine around 3:45 eastern time

ramiuk11449d ago

i was playing it yesterday afternoon in UK on ps4 about 3pm

badboyz091449d ago

I believe you can download on PSN now if you aearch in the store.

Palitera1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Judging from the demo, which we know DO represent the final product...

Ultra clunky. I know I didn't expect much from the game, but it is even below that...

How can EA make their sports game worse every entry? How exactly the F do they achieve it?

AutoCad1449d ago

you opinion counts for everyone?

the game is by far the best fighting game ive ever played and thats a demo.

Palitera1449d ago

Where did I say it counts for everyone?

You seem to have severe comprehension issues...

It is my judgement and I do think the game is underdeveloped, clunky, the flow of the animations is terrible etc.


Utalkin2me1449d ago

Maybe we didn't play the same demo. The demo is amazing and very polished.

LOGICWINS1449d ago


It has the best animations of any fighting game Ive ever played. Smooth as hell. My only issue is that when im on top on the ground, how do I maintain my position without being reversed or forced into a less dominant position?

If Im in full mount, how do I remain in full mount? Im guessing its R2 and move the right stick in the direction your opponent is trying to transition but its not working for me. Maybe my timings off.

GamerEuphoria1449d ago

Clunky? i'm not keen on the ground game but the stand up is fantastic.

MMA isn't like Street fighter dude, you don't just charge in and swing combo like there's no tomorrow. The pace of the stand up is pretty close to as you can get to the real thing

boing11449d ago

I concur. Disappointing.

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matrixman921449d ago

saw someone on my friends list playing it on ps4 earlier i think...i think its already out

CaptainCamper1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Played the demo for about 3-4 minutes...Didn't like it at all.

In fairness I'm not a fan of the franchise but the reactions to being hit are poor as hell. Doesn't feel like it connects, just feels shoddy.

I was also expecting more tactical/ground play? I've had 6 matches, won 5, all of which finished within 90-100 seconds. Seems a little shallow for my tastes.

Again though, I'm not a fan and have 0 experience of the franchise so it may feel familiar to others.

maximus19851449d ago

the demo is set to easy and cannot be changed. you won quickly due to this difficulty. theres alot to appreciate in this game like the move sets that match how each fighter fights. but if your not a fan of the sport or the previous games then yes theres nothing for you here

CaptainCamper1449d ago

Not being pedantic, the difficulty is not set on easy, it's set on normal.

Not meaning to sound a bitch lol, just wanted to clear it up in case anyone else thought the same.

Despite not being a huge UFC fan, the idea of the game is appealing but personally I expect more from a 2014 title.

Looks fantastic but the physics are way off at times, kills immersion completely.

Utalkin2me1449d ago

They do make the default setting easier for casuals in the demo. But online is where the game shines and you probably would be lucky to go 5-15. And the game is far from shallow, it is one of the more strategic fighting games. Obviously you have not played a previous UFC game or online for that matter or you would not be making those comments. Probably best for you to move on, button masher is not welcome here and should play something else.

CaptainCamper1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Funny you should say that, all I did was mash buttons and I beat the AI opponent on normal inside of 60 seconds.

0 experience in the franchise
skipped tutorial after step 2
Wins 5 matches in a row randomly mashing buttons

Not attempting to boast personal ability, quite the opposite. It was just far too easy. In a game that's meant to boast strategy and tactical depth in its combat system, on the average and traditionally most popular difficulty setting, it should display these assets.

MRMagoo1231449d ago

The UFC games have always been easy, I make specific characters just to prove how bad it is sometimes, I made one guy that had all his xp put into head kick and just head kicked my way into a win on hard on the last one that came out. I also tried it with punches and pretty much the same result expect I got hit a couple of times.

thaimasker1449d ago

I don't know what demo your playing. Just look at the match settings after u select a char...its on easy. So of course your just gonna be able to just spam superman punch or w/e and win. Playing with my cousin and its alot harder...rounds typically go into round 3. I imagine it will on the full game on difficulties above easy as well.

CaptainCamper1449d ago


Following the intros the fight will be set to a default difficulty of NORMAL with the bout playing out over three rounds."

Not really sure why they even felt the need to mention the difficulty tbh but that's what it states.

n4rc1449d ago

If you go into the options, you will find it set to easy

But striking aside, this game is a huge mess IMO.. Just like ea mma was

Should have copied undisputeds controls 1:1 and simply changed the mechanics that didn't work ie the "shine"

thaimasker1449d ago

Well Idk... I'd believe what ingame says more but even if it is on normal most sports games typically have like 5 or 6 difficulties and those that want a greater challenge just raise it up. Most sport games are very easy for me on normal so I(and alot of people) are used to raising it up as high as possible anyway

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VlllAxelLea1449d ago

the demo came out like 6 hours ago on ps4

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