PS4 System Software Update 1.71 Coming Soon

PS4 system software update 1.71 coming soon, will improve software stability of some features. Reminder: Activate your automatic download

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DarkHeroZX1508d ago

Ehh.... I guess I'll welcome it.

trancefreak1508d ago

Suppose to fix the broken party chat that is crashing games especially killzone shadow fall.

Don't know why it started acting funny since the weekend but Sony said they were working on it.

There is a work around though if you get into a game then create the party chat it usually is successful.

sonerone1508d ago

so it is not only us than

UltraNova1508d ago

I'll welcome the one with full 3D support!!

Godamn it Sony my 60in 3D is starved for some 3D gaming!!

laid2rest1508d ago

Ps4 already does 3d gaming. It's up to the game devs if they want to add it to their games.

UltraNova1508d ago

When even 1st party AAA titles from Sony do not support 3D, for me my ps4 does not 'support' 3D...yet

Make sense?

colonel1791508d ago

Boo! We want updates with features!!!

In all seriousness, they are taking too long to add features. Updates might be the only thing I hate about PlayStation. (well not the updates themselves, but how they manage them).

Harkins17211508d ago

Well they may be down men since all the layoffs across all departments. Thats my guess anyway. But Sony has always been slow.

Hopefully E3 they will announce what they plan to do with future updates (I mean sooner rather than later)

johndoe112111508d ago

What the hell are you talking about????

KwietStorm1508d ago

Your guess is..a little to the left.

Harkins17211508d ago

@john and Kwiet

What im saying is Sony has always been slow with updates. Look at MS they are adding things left and right. Take it they are a software company so they get things done faster.

And because Sony has had massive layoffs in all of their departments the "software" team may also have been affected. Meaning they have less guys to do the job. That was my guess.

I then further said I hope at E3 they announce that they will be providing updates faster in the future.

Its no big deal. I love my PS4. Currently have a buttload of PS3 games to catch up on anyways.

Copen1508d ago

This is the speed at which they work on features and updates. Sony is a hardware company and MS is a software company so it makes perfect sense why MS is getting updates quicker than the company that primarily does hardware. If you don't like it sell your PS4 and move to xbox. There's plenty of people who would buy your PS4 from you in an instant so sell it or deal with things as they are but stop complaining.

WitWolfy1508d ago

your such a fanboy just respect his oppinion. douche

guitarded771508d ago

Pre E3 updates... downloading Wii U update now. I'll update the PS4 when it's live.

R1CAN6171508d ago

All I want are sub folders already to organise my games & a Youtube app wouldn't hurt either.

DerekFlint0071508d ago

I know it's not the same as a dedicated YouTube application pinned to the task bar but there is a work-around. - on Ps4 browser go to and then add it to your bookmarks.

leemo191508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I don't dl tons of stuff at once, but having pause/resume feature would be good to have. Its probably the most ask feature and Sony still hasn't put it in yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.