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Bernadette at GameCloud writes: "In the eight hours it took to complete the game, Murdered: Soul Suspect never failed to capture my full attention; something which I’ve found happening a lot more often with recent games. Considering my only problem was that it didn’t let me keep playing after the story, I’d have to say it’s a pretty decent effort from Square Enix, especially as it’s an entirely new IP. It’s possible that some may find eight hours to be a little short, but I personally think any more than that would have damaged the flow of the story and created a lull in the suspenseful atmosphere. Murdered: Soul Suspect was advertised as a detective thriller, and the most thrilling thing is that’s exactly what it was. It made use of Salem’s spooky history and crafted the perfect experience for people like me: those craving the supernatural thrills of the horror genre, minus the cheap scares and emotionally scarring gore."

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devwan1388d ago

This score is definitely right at the upper end of the review scores so far. It's a shame but I'll probably have to put this off until it's for sale at a discount.

hollabox1388d ago

I wonder why IGN dogged this game? I'm debating on buying it but I just got Watch Dogs and Infamous 2nd son so might have time to play it for awhile.

Sayburr1388d ago

From what I gathered from the IGN review.. the game is very linear. The reviewer didn’t care for the constraints placed on the player. She also thought the puzzles were too easy and she noted that even if you failed to solve the puzzle correctly, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

hollabox1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I actually indirectly bought it this morning. I'm upgrading my moms GPU from ATI 4670 to AMD R7 260X which includes AMD Silver games after her graphics card failed last night. Since we're going half on her graphics card ($109 includinging $20 mail in rebate) I just about broke even with two games included.