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Some gamers may be wondering why Final Fantasy XIII spawns two sequels when it isn’t even that good or why the game is so over-rated, considering that it isn`t anything like the retro Final Fantasy games of yesteryears. As a matter of fact, after the release of Final Fantasy X, the series took a plunge for the worst and has spiraled into a creative yet sterile status. With the release of Lightning Returns, you can see that Square Enix is now shifting its focus back towards what had worked before for the franchise and making sure that the end product is not only gorgeous and a step above the rest in innovation but is also fun to play first and foremost.

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no_more_heroes1417d ago

On a 5 point scale, I'd give it a 3.75. A 3 would be too low, while a 4 would seem a smidgen too high imo.

The battle system (and Yusnaan's various themes) is my favorite thing about this game.

Now all they need to do is tweak it to work with 4 or 5 (separate) party members. Making healing and buffing in battle just a touch more reasonable wouldn't hurt either.

Filmgamesetc1417d ago

So would you say a 3.5 would suffice? Our star rating system doesn't only do increments of 0.5 :)

brish1417d ago

You should upgrade to rating system 2.0. It allows .25 increments! ;-)

Chrono1417d ago

Good game if it wasn't called Final Fantasy. Main problems are the countdown timer and terrible graphics.

DiscoKid1417d ago

This. One thing I've noticed is that the visuals seem to have been diminished in the sequels. I'm not a graphics nut, but the lack of graphical consistency bugs me. The first game was utterly gorgeous with better lighting, both in-game and in cutscenes. The sequels used the in-game models in their cutscenes.

I'm sure it is an enjoyable game in its own right, but SE is just all over the place with this subseries or whatever you call it. Just wish they would go back to characters with meaningful developments and less melodrama.