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The clear victor, thus far, during the “next generation console war” is clearly the Sony PlayStation 4. According to, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by over three million units in worldwide sales. On this side of the pond, however, the console sales are separated by less than half a million units. If PlayStation wants to maintain prime spot against Microsoft and their soon to release Kinect-less Xbox One, then their E3 presentation needs to hit all the marks across all platforms. Here are the predictions, in no particular order:

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MatthewBandeira1510d ago

Hopefully we see The Last Guardian.

Protagonist1509d ago

Man, this time it is almost last chance with that game.

0P-Tigrex1509d ago

If it isn't shown at E3.. the game will be lost forever. I think even if it was shown at TGS no one would really care anymore.

BlakHavoc1510d ago

Sony needs to unload the entire clip imo. There's no reason for them to be conservative, yes they have a comfy lead over MS but why not step on their throats while they're down. They need to drop a bomb at E3.

Majin-vegeta1509d ago

My predictions Unannounced PS4 update,some PS4,PS vita games and a whole bunch of other stuff.

JMyers1509d ago

So far it seems MM and GG won't be at the conference? We know they have new IPs.

I hope Sony shows a lot.