A look at the Wii U quick start menu

Check out a video showing off the Wii U's new firmware feature.

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Spooney3231417d ago

Wii u keeps improving and improving. Money well spent IMO. FYI games make a system not pretty visuals, it just so happens WII U has both. :P

WeAreLegion1417d ago

I feel like all consoles have both.

higgins781417d ago

You do, really? I can only speak for myself but - owning as I do a PS4 and Wii U (both bought at launch - I feel the PS4 thus far hasn't delivered on any level, be it the games or the hardware. Nintendo had proven once again that its craft and hard work which bring us the goods. Its becoming more and more obvious...if you want the latest yearly 'blockbuster' multi-platform release then Sony and Microsoft have you covered, if however you want innovative, unique and fresh experiences its Nintendo who are boss.

WeAreLegion1417d ago

Owned a Wii U and PS4 since launch, as well. I respectfully disagree. inFamous: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show have given me more hours of fun than anything in the past year. Absolutely incredible games.

Innovative, unique, and fresh experiences? The biggest games from Nintendo this year are Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. I don't understand how these are innovative, unique, or fresh. Super Mario 3D World was a great platformer, but far from innovative. The most innovative game on the Wii U wasn't even made by Nintendo; ZombiU.

You'll get the agrees and the bubbles, but I'm trying to remain impartial here. I love Nintendo, but I'm not just going to praise them, blindly.

I buy PlayStation systems for the exclusives because those are the best exclusives, in my opinion.

You don't feel the PS4 has delivered on any level because you don't like the games. I understand that. But please don't tell me Nintendo is innovating. They aren't. That's not opinion. I'm tired of people giving Nintendo a free ride because they're the current underdog. They need to try harder.

mcstorm1417d ago

@higgins78 I have to agree with you on the PS4 front. So far the only thing that im excited about on the PS4 is driver club and sony have not really announced much for the PS4 since it came out and the games have been abit dry too.

For me Im loving the WiiU the games it has had so far in MarioU, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Mario 3d world, DK and others I cant think of off the top of my head has been great for me. I am also loving what Microsoft are doing with the Xbox one and having a blast with KI, Forza and Titanfall on the one.

I want all 3 to do well this gen though as having all 3 in the market is better for everyone but I am really liking what Nintendo are doing with the WiiU and I do hope Mario Kart is the start of the WiiU sales picking up and they can carry on picking up over the next few years as for me it is a very underrated console.

Gemmol1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@wearelegions the same two games you name can be said the same thing about them, infamous, and MLB. It may have bring you fun, but not everyone else. Out of those same 2 games you name theres only one that you can actually keep playing, cause once you finish Infamous everyone sold it, and for the people who do not have any ps4 games they may keep it but don't play it again because they're bored. Now my question to you since you say Smash Bros, Mario Kart are not innovated, do you say the same for God of War, Halo, Uncharted (1, 2, & 3, in one generation), and etc.....there are only 3 Smash bros games ever made one for each generation, if sony continue their trend, there should be 3 Uncharted this generation which equal 6 Uncharted games in a short period, while if you count the 3ds and Wii U Smash bros there will only be 4......all im saying whatever you say about one console can be said about another console, so bring another reason for not liking it, or just be straight up and say I do not like those games because they are made from Nintendo, instead of giving excuses of games not being innovative............there are 8 Gran Turismo releases, 8 Mario Kart releases and theres going to be a 9th gran turismo coming out soon....smh

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colonel1791417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I would love that instead of recent games, you could choose which games to display on the quick start menu.