Naughty Dog heads - Employee turnover "not significant at all"

Co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra downplay impact of Uncharted 4 dev departures

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XiSasukeUchiha1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

As long as Naughty Dog is not bankrupted or the studio closes, I'm perfectly fine with it.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1329d ago

What are you talking about? /s

Naughty Dog is one of the best game studios in the world if not the best. They're not going anywhere.

showtimefolks1329d ago


I am not sure if you know this but PS brand is making sony money, ps4 itself is making profit which is very unusual for a console that just launched. PSN_Plus service is becoming bigger so sony will only grow stronger


i know may never happen but how much would ND cost to a publisher if they went up for sale? damn and if they had all their Ip's

crazy though but would never happen

truefan11329d ago

This sounds pretty freaking disrespectful to some of the departures who played a pivotal role at ND.

alexkoepp1329d ago

Turnover is commonplace in every line of work.

Dirtnapstor1329d ago

Departures are the norm with studios. It's just a big deal this time because it's ND and it happened during the dawn of the PS4.
I still think there was a falling out unfortunately. Hennig was/is an incredible asset. Now I have a reason to look into a Star Wars game!

lonelyplayer1329d ago

Right now they are the best

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HeWhoWalks1329d ago

The studio with the most awarded game in history going bankrupt/closing isn't even a thought. Let alone a consideration.

OT: Of course it wasn't significant. Only hopeful fanatics expected anything like that.

Fringe_Agent131329d ago

If Naughty Dog is bankrupt, that would mean Sony is bankrupt too. Sony isn't bankrupt from my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, so Naughty Dog is safe.

showtimefolks1329d ago

but we shouldn't listen o ND we should listen to bunch of know it all fanboys on gaming site who think 4 people leaving a studio will make that studio bad

keep up the awesome work, kojima,R*,ND and Valve are the best studios in no order. They are all at the very top of the list

BTW 250 plus people work at ND and 4 left. Stop overreacting and give the benefit of the doubt to ND till they let us down

also TLOU directors are not leading UC4 so expect a much more mature/dark story line. UC3 which was lead by ammy henning was so all over the place

This link is ND's confirmation that TLOU directors are now directing UC4. TLOU is the best game of my gaming life(25 years)so my hype is extremely high for UC4

Kribwalker1329d ago

The legend of Zelda ocarina of time is hands down the greatest game ever made. Not even a close race.
It's like Peyton Manning in the MVP race last season, 49 outa 50 votes

OpieWinston1329d ago

Valve has lost A LOT of it's creative staff. The leads that were responsible for Portal 1/2 are gone.

L4D creators Turtle Rock left after 2.

Half Life devs have been moving to other studios over the case of the last several games. Half Life 3 has a lot of hype it now has to live up to.

The only thing that's coming from Valve is Dota 2 and the content in it took a massive halt due to constant meta changes.

I agree Kojima/Naughty Dog are top of the line studios...By saying any studio is the "Best" is a matter of opinion and you meant at the top of YOUR list.

But Valve is kind of like Rare, used to be pioneers and now has lost a lot of the heads who made it great. We still got Steam though.

showtimefolks1329d ago


by now we should have gotten Halflife 3 and LFD3 but for some reason Valve are doing everything but the games we do want. You keep your fans hanging and soon enough people just simple move on

OpieWinston1329d ago

Well like I said they had to hire a new team for L4D3. As you can see Turtle Rock is doing Evolve.

And the Half Life team has degraded a lot.

It's not just the fans that moved on, it was the developers.

A lot of people wanted Dota 2 and that was a good move, but everything else has been some mistakes. Letting the creative heads of Portal leave was a big mistake, that franchise relied on them to make amazing puzzles.

I'm just saying you should get used to saying "In my opinion". I played Last of Us and it wasn't even my favorite game of last year (Bioshock Infinite), mainly because the AI was bad and I foreshadowed every event in that game. Since it was clear where the inspirations for that game came from.

To each their own in my honest opinion, Naughty Dog is still one of my favorite studios because of Crash/Jak.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1329d ago

Not true, in 10 years Valve could announce Half-Life 3 and it still would be a mega-ton announcement. Like Duke Nukem

showtimefolks1329d ago


that's why i said TLOU for me is the best game. everyone can choose whichever they like. Nothing wrong with that

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worldwidegaming1329d ago

No one really cares about people they do not know losing their jobs. Seriously,its sad but true.

WeAreLegion1329d ago

That's not true at all. Losing a job sucks. It's just basic human compassion to feel for someone in that position.

Zodiac1329d ago

What would Legion know about human compassion lol.

WeAreLegion1329d ago

My name, WeAreLegion, is taken from The Bible. Human compassion is something I base my life around.

Zodiac1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

That's why I said that. Legion is a Demon(or Demons, i suppose) who Jesus showed compassion to. Legion was allowed to escape by going into some pigs who all then went and drowned themselves.

Bad joke on my part, I guess. Not much compassion or warmth on Legions side was my joke.

WeAreLegion1329d ago

Oh! Good point. That's totally fine. :) Sorry I didn't get it.

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slutface1329d ago

just make quality, industry changing games....who cares who gets fired or displaced behind the scenes. what matters is what kind of games they put out.

Inception1329d ago

Agreed. Video game 'journalist' became more and more like cheap celebrity journalist who only hungry for gossip. They only care for stories that made big hits for their site, even though the stories aren't true. The sad thing is a lot of gamer listen to this journalist like they some prophet.

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