A Fanboys Anonymous Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Wii U Review

Review of Mario Kart 8:video game. Is Mario Kart 8 any good or is it bad?

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michellequillen1511d ago

Seeing all those characters' faces sure brings me back! And did you know Mario started out as a carpenter, not a plumber?

Shaughnessy1511d ago

it sure does bring back memories i agree with you there, and i didn't know that about Mario but I do now so thanks for that bit of knowledge

NihonjinChick1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Yeah. Nintendo's games can hit you with a lot of nostalgia.

And as long as we are stating fun facts:
Did you know Peach wasn't Mario's original love interest? It was a woman named Pauline. He saved her from the old Donkey Kong (Who is now Cranky Kong)