3GEM's Week of E3 - Day 1 - Microsoft Predictions

Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: "Kicking off our Week of E3 coverage we’re going to try to predict what Microsoft will be bringing to the show floor. It’s no secret that the Xbox One is in dire need of direction in its first year on the market. Microsoft has revised the Xbox One’s policies so much that I can’t find anyone who can tell me what exactly the system does other than play some games. And that’s what Microsoft needs, games, and lots of them."

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urwifeminder1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Heaps of bad stuff , wicked bad gaming mojo the flower of the clawd yadda yadda kinect bad , Ms lies and is unholy Sony is Jesus not to mention 6o fps P.

xx4xx1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Many of those words look familiar, but the way they are organized and punctuated they are not making much sense.

No_Limit1329d ago

My prediction, Neogaf will crash and bubbles will be loss on N4G.

ats19921329d ago

Yea the neogaf servers are going to explode and the trolls will be going full force all over the internet.

Ibetruth1329d ago

I agree completely with this.

SLUG1329d ago

a lots of rts games and i mean lots of rts games because thats what i'm hearing for the last 3 months oh go like halo wars 1 and 2 and starcraft and a star wars rts game and lots of other to like ms said this is the year of rts games coming out

SLUG1329d ago

i think we will see a 3 moba games as well for the xbox one