Why Microsoft's Xbox One May Soon Catch Sony's Playstation 4

Since the start of the next-gen war in late 2013, Sony's Playstation 4 has continuously outperformed Microsoft's Xbox One in sales. You may recall that Microsoft got off to a disastrous start for its new console during last year's E3 trade show, during which Sony directly called out Microsoft for policies that were unpopular with gamers, such as an always online requirement and restrictions on who you could share games with.

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KinjoTakemura1511d ago

Microsoft may move more units, but I seriously doubt that they will ever catch or surpass PS4 sales.

Had to throw this in for Georgenoob:

nicksetzer11511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

@kinjo You must not understand what "may" means ...

That said I definitely think the gap will close with worldwide release and if this E3 shapes up as well as it sounds.

Snookies121511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

He wasn't saying they 'may move more units than PS4', he was saying they may move more units in general.

nicksetzer11511d ago

@snookies I was referring to the article, not his comment when i said "may"

UltimateMaster1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

The Xbox One went on sale for 350$, with kinect and Titanfall. And the PS4 still outsolf the Xbox One during those months. (It was 450$ + 50$ instant in-store credit; plus Titanfall 50$ value)

Explain to me again how the Xbox One without anything for 50$ more will sell more units than it did before?

HeWhoWalks1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

How will the gap close WW when they won't catch Sony in Japan or Europe? They'd have to sell quite a few more consoles in the US, and if the 360 vs PS3 is anything to go by, that is unlikely to turn the tide.

Can the X1 win the US? Sure can. Will it be enough to "win"? No.

alexkoepp1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

MS will catch up for sure if not surpass here in USA. I don't care how systems perform in other countries. I play with my friends whom are here. I dont want to play internationally, connections are less than ideal. Oh and how much is a gallon of milk in Japan? That's right, I don't care, I don't live there.

People like to tout this "hardware gap", "that will only get bigger" when all evidence we have is pointing to that gap closing, and not getting bigger (talking performance).

We go from Ghosts 720 vs 1080 to
Watch dogs 792 vs 900
and Wolfenstein 1080 vs 1080.

No evidence that PS4 is widening some graphical gap that all the fanboys said would happen.

PS4 is selling well because -$ony fanboys had such a poor system with the PS3 and are dying to get their hands on something new. The x360 camp is slower to change because they had such a ballin ass system last gen. But its only a matter of time. We went from 150m VS 25m on PS2/Xbox, to 80m VS 80m with PS3/X360, and there is no reason to think that trend won't continue on in the coming years.

Cindy-rella1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

its nice to be optimistic but in this current gaming climate i doubt this will ever happen due to a lot of factors favoring sony at the moment which will further sonys momentum as time goes on.

for microsoft to even come close to sony it'll take a lot of effort on microsofts end but with all of microsofts 180s which seems to try to emulate what sony has already been doing for years and lacking the original xbox ones policies the xbox one lacks identity.

BitbyDeath1511d ago


Not sure if you have been following the NPD but every month this year PS4 has beaten Xbox in sales.

Every month.

Not sure how you see the gap closing when it continually gets outsold even with Titanfall releasing and stores around the globe dropping the price and in many locations even include the game for free.

Still lost... every month, this year.

DualWielding1511d ago

@alexkoepp you do know that if people hated their PS3's so much they could get a Xbox one? is the opposite people are buying PS4's because they PS3 ended up last gen with the most momentum even if it was trailing for most of the gen.... the PS3 is also pretty much alive now while the 360 is dead

OrangePowerz1511d ago

People expect too high sales from the niche markets MS didn't launch in yet. Yes Sony released in more countries but the ines MS didn't launch in are small niche markets with low sales hence why they didn't launch there and people living in those countries already imported an X1.

MS couldn't outsell the PS4 in March when you could get a X1 with Kinect and Titanfall for 450 and that's a better deal than an X1 without anything for 400.

zeuanimals1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Damn Alex, took a bit too much of your Medhication?

If you really follow by that dumb as hell ideology, then go buy a Barbie movie. If you hate it, go buy the sequel because maybe you'll hate it less. There's lots of other movies out there that you can go watch but no, stick to what you hate because maybe you'll like the next one. Don't ever watch a good movie again, just stick with Barbie movies because you hate them and you want more of the same.

Me? I'll watch movies I enjoy then watch the sequels of movies I enjoy because I enjoyed the predecessor(s).

And since you're saying that, why did you buy the Xbox One? You're saying people bought the PS4 because they hated the PS3, are you saying you hate the 360 even though you claim its a great system? If you don't hate the 360 but you still bought the Xbox One, then your entire argument committed suicide.

BG115791511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

It seems that for this generation, MS will be in the catch up position.
So every time MS will do something or not, realistically or not, there will be a article how MS will catch up its rival.

starchild1511d ago

I honestly don't really care. I mostly game on PC (and PS4 second most), but I think the PS4 and XB1 will both do just fine.

NewMonday1511d ago

the gap will not close it will still grow wider but at a bit slower pace.

so far the market reception of the $400 XBone has been underwhelming, seems the consumers still don't find value in the XB1.

DarXyde1511d ago

@ alexkoepp

PS3 was and IS awesome and has come a long way from having pretty much nothing to being amazing. Don't be mad the XBOX 360 fell off and became a joke these past few years.

johndoe112111511d ago


That was one of the most ignorant, arrogant and just plain retarded comments I have ever seen on this site. I may just change my species because of you.

sinspirit1511d ago

I'm tired of these articles. Not just because of the content, but because they talk almost all about X1 and just because they mention PS4 and vice versa they label it as being about both consoles just to spam a flamebait-esque article on both categories for more hits.

I don't go to the PS4 section to see X1 articles that add a comment about PS4, for the pathetic reason to consider it a PS4-related article for easy hits. People make money off of seriously ignorant articles because people approve them on N4G and the users let them make money off of this crap by clicking it.

callahan091511d ago

"PS4 is selling well because -$ony fanboys had such a poor system with the PS3 and are dying to get their hands on something new."

Is this a joke?

First of all, it's not even logical... If PS3 owners are so disappointed with their machines, WHY would they be so excited to jump onto the next thing Sony does? If I bought a vacuum cleaner and it sucked (or rather, didn't suck, hehe) then why would I go out and get the next model released by that same manufacturer? I think I'd go out and get one of its competitor's vacuum cleaners, because I no longer TRUST the people who made my first choice!

The PS3 has given its owners an absolute ton of great games to play over its life span, and it's been giving far more exclusive games to its owners & fans over the past 3 years, including last year and THIS year, than the Xbox 360 has been. There have been 12 PS3 exclusives this year and only 9 Xbox 360 exclusives, but when you consider the fact that ALL BUT ONE of the PS3 exclusives is a full-fledged Blu-Ray release, and ONLY TWO of the Xbox 360 exclusives are full-fledged retail releases (Titanfall and PvZ Garden Warfare, the latter being a timed exclusive and will be on PS3/PS4 this summer), you can really see the difference.

Microsoft has not been giving its full attention or support to the Xbox 360 for *years*. They migrated all of their development to Xbox One, while last year Sony still released a ton of exclusives. Microsoft had *nothing* after Gears of War in March. Sony came out with The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Gran Turismo 6, Beyond: Two Souls, a new Ratchet & Clank game. If this was Microsoft, PS3 owners wouldn't have gotten ANY of those games last year, they all would have been migrated to the PS4 instead and the PS3 would have been dead in the water as far as quality exclusives go, years ago, just like the 360.

PS3 owners were in the *best* position in the end of the last generation and into today, still getting the most support, the most game releases, and the most quality entertainment out of their machines (remember that PS3 owners never needed to buy a standalone Blu-Ray player or upgrade to a PS4 or XBO in order to have blu-ray in a single box, because they already have it).

KinjoTakemura1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )


"kinjo You must not understand what "may" means ... "

Here is my original statement

[Microsoft may move more units, but I seriously doubt that they will ever catch or surpass PS4 sales.]

In that sentence "may" means possibly, might, could, or to explain it so that you can completely comprehend what "MAY" means in that sentence, it means the results of Microsoft's price drop are not set in stone. Since no one knows what the Xbox One's sales numbers are as of today, the phrase "may, (Could, might, or possibly), move more units" is fitting since there is absolutely no evidence at the moment that proves Xbox One sales have increased in any significant way since the price drop. Now, taking into account this explanation of my use of the word "MAY" in a sentence, most people will conclude that it isn't me who doesn't understand what the word "MAY" means, it is YOU.


The word "may" in the title, means the same thing as it means in my original sentence.

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XxExacutionerxX1511d ago

Microsoft will move alot more units pass Playstation 4 when they enter more markets. The japanese market aren't liking the PS4 too much. The Wii U is selling better there than the PS4.

Xbox One is the console with better games, always improving Xbox Live (Still with better online play than PSN) Now they will have GWG on Xbox One, price is going down to $399.99.

Xbox One is the greatness that awaits

(Believe in the cloud)

Majin-vegeta1511d ago

Time to get your head out of the cloud kid and join the rest of us down here in reality.

fr0sty1511d ago

His head is in the cloud... of smoke MS blew up his ass.

WhatchaTalkinBout1511d ago

more markets ? haha... america is microsoft biggest market ....anddddddddddddd its still lagging behind the ps4.. no other markets in the world will make much difference .. america is the key to the consoles success reason why the 360 did well there... lets look at this 4 years from now!!

thereapersson1511d ago

LOL! Who needs georgenoob when we have comments like this one?

realgame1511d ago

Hey exacutioner you're like a pain in the testicle. Annoying yet worrying.

madpuppy1511d ago

you read just like the no avatar, under 4 month accounts that are oh so obviously shills for MS and the Xbone.

"Believe in the cloud"

don't make me laugh!

mkis0071511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

You do realize that the Xbox 360's 80+ million sales number(over 8 years) is made up of only 10 million from the regions the One is not launched in right now right? The One will be extremely lucky to get even a 1 million console boost the month they lunch in those extra countries. Ms needs the US and needs their lead to be even bigger than last gen here. Unless they get a bunch of third party exclusives, and I mean established franchise ones, They really don't have much of a prayer to actually surpass ps4 globally.

Public perception has been established. Sony just needs to be as good as last gen to keep in the lead. When was the last time MS won a first party(or even third party exclusive) GOTY award on the scale of Uncharted 2/ TLOU ?

Nostalgia is a powerful weapon, but Sony has a longer history and can use it too. Great Devs need to be established first.

XxExacutionerxX1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Sony fanboy insults, shows mature you people really are, try bring smart debating comments instead of dumb mejin veg crap. Now you bring up my account being under 4 months, really Great comeback, truly a smart one. I'm glad noobie Sony fanboy kids aren't on the Xbox live. Xbox one is just better than PS4, so get your face out from under Sony, and play a real console. Not Ps3.5 upgrade, lol Goodluck with the second rate PS4, and your indie that are so bad I wouldn't download them for free. Year one in a consoles life, doesn't matter as far as sales. Wait a couple of years when both have reached every market. If PS4 had 7 million and the X1 had 1 milliin, then you can make that point. Japanese market doesn't even like the Ps4, the wii u is moving more consoles over there. Just hand me your PS4 fanboy, I will give it a better home than yours..... right in my trash can.

(Believe in the cloud)

BlackTar1871510d ago



Holy crap my man that was awful.

If PS4 is ps3.5 then you're admitting to how much more powerful ps3 was to xbox 360 and how utterly sad Xbox one is if ps3.5 is already technically superior in almost every way to it.

Please read what you post out loud before hitting enter.

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AD7051511d ago

How will the xbox one being released in countries where the xbox one barely or doesn't appeal to them at all going to change things? The biggest xbox market is in American and the PS4 is kicking it's ass left and right in that region with it selling more and more every month. Hell the 400 dollar X1 isn't even in the amazons 100 top sellers list.

T21511d ago

Some people on here seriously don't know grade 3 math. In order to close the gap, xboxone must outsell ps4 consistently for a number of months, something it has never done.
Most people think ps4 outselling xbox by 50k then next month by 20k equals closing the gap.... It doesn't

mkis0071511d ago


It baffles me how a few people don't get this.

BlakHavoc1511d ago

@joecanada- the education system in america sucks i guess.

AD7051510d ago

It will help sell more xbox ones in europe and america but the ps4 will still outsell it worldwide by a decent sized amount.

Oner1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

BlakHavoc said "@joecanada- the education system in america sucks i guess."

Shouldn't it be ~

"The education system in America sucks I guess?"

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geddesmond1511d ago

MS don't have enough first party studios or the better tech to catch up on the PS4 and if they did somehow manage to do that then I really fear for the future of gaming.

Not only because of the policies MS first had implemented(because if they do win this gen there's nothing stopping them from using those policies in the future) but because they will prove to other companies that better hardware doesn't matter and as someone who gamed since the Commodore 64 and made the next gen leap for better graphics ever since, I say power those matter.

Honestly with The Order 1886, Project Beast and Uncharted 4 exclusive to the PS4, thats game over to me for MS even if they outsell the PS4 because if MS can't offer those experiences then I don't want to know.

dasbeer881511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

"Honestly with The Order 1886, Project Beast and Uncharted 4 exclusive to the PS4, thats game over to me for MS even if they outsell the PS4 because if MS can't offer those experiences then I don't want to know."

The worst part for that Sony is just warming up on PS4 exclusives.

geddesmond1511d ago


I know, I can't wait to see GG new RPG. I'm sure that's gonna be up there with the rest, Driveclub keeps looking better and better and we know GOW and SSM new IP will be great also. These are great first party studios Sony have that help each other out with tech and idea's.

See MS are trying to cure their bad name after announcing those policies that felt like us gamers had no freedom anymore. But Sony's been trying to do right for the last 4 years after that PSN hack. That's why I see good things for the future of Sony.

showtimefolks1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

i think both will sell well but i see ps4 selling more because its the better of the 2 consoles. More powerful meaning 3rd party games will look/play better on ps4

E3 will be a very telling place. Sony built huge momentum for ps4(will never happen this time around, just because last year was the launch of new system now its just about games and services)

whoever shows better games will come out of E3 looking great, but one would have to screw it up big time to loose any momentum.

sony isn't renting theaters to show nothing, i think sony and ms will both throw huge Jabs at each others and that means we will see awesome games and services

end of the day healthy competition means we all win

BitbyDeath1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

You sure it is healthy competition or is MS only acting nice to regain marketshare?

Not sure I trust them yet.

BlackTar1871510d ago

NAW MAN MS has totally changed their ways and business practices all becasue of gamers. /s

showtimefolks1510d ago


no MS changed because they had no choice, ps4 was whopping them. also all the credit goes to sony for the way MS is acting now.

if it wasn't for sony we would have gotten a machine filled with DRM bull****

sony played major role 80%
gamers 20%


i am with you on that

ToyboxDX1511d ago

Did a quick scan of this "alexkoepp" user and almost every single one of his posts are praising M$ and dissing Sony, Apple and all of M$ competitors etc.

One of his posts even stated:
PS4: 37M
XB1: 225M

This just shows how out of touch he is, so the conclusion is, we can safely ignore ALL his posts. No point arguing with a M$ diehard fan, they will just pull you down to their level and beat you with experience.

1510d ago
liquidhalos1510d ago

Hrrm, to read another click bait article like this or to play a game. eeerm, enie meenie minie mo, catch a clarckson by the toe.... Gaming it is

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Am-No-Hero1511d ago

have you ever seen the earth touches the sky ?


DigitalRaptor1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

MS still has the whole "anti-consumer", "tried to screw over gamers" thing that's sitting in the back of consumer/gamer minds, and likely will for an entire gen. That kind of attempted screw over is unprecedented in this industry.

Sony has the mindshare that the 360 had last gen, and its not going away anytime soon. PS4 has the stronger hardware, better multiplats, and Sony (and of course the fan base on the 'Net) are aggressively pushing these strengths, which is something MS didn't do last gen.

Lots of trolls posing as journalists and gamers trying to downplay the PS4 lineup calling it "weak" when it factually has the more diverse and larger game library and always will.

PS4 marketing slogan has been pure and untarnished from the very, very start of this gen and their performance at the start will be remembered and trusted, whilst MS has been nothing but a clusterf**k from the start until very recently, and will continue to be untrusted by the discerning and those who they talk to, but supported perhaps as well as they were last-gen.

They are not catching up though, and anyone that thinks the gap is shrinking might need to go an re-evaluate everything they know. 3.5-4 million units is a lot to catch up on, when you consider both consoles released at the same time, and PS4 hype is not waning, nor is the games lineup.

XiSasukeUchiha1511d ago

Xbox can sell all its units but the PS4 sales is way too high to surpass "right now".

yellowgerbil1511d ago

they are followers, been following sony for the past year and the thing about following, you're always one step behind

n4rc1511d ago

How are you enjoying party chat btw?

SuperBlunt1511d ago

Great, just like im enjoying my free games

slivery1511d ago

What? Why is anyone agreeing with you, PS4 and Xbox One both have eight player party chat.

So I am confused at what your comment was intended to mean.

The PS4 can even party chat with PS Vita users too.

DragonKnight1511d ago

@slivery: n4rc is saying that Sony is following MS by implementing party chat in the PS4 when the PS3 didn't have party chat but the 360 did. His example is accurate, but lame.

T21511d ago

Wow had to dig deep for that didn't you, how are you enjoying your hd dvd player lol

LackTrue4K1511d ago

not as much, as your enjoying the most out of 720p/15-30Fps games...


yellowgerbil1511d ago

how are you enjoying having all your 40gb game on a single disc?
or playing wirelessly online?

stuna11511d ago

You mean the ability to chat with 16 people at once? Why it's fine, thanks for asking.

DevilishSix1510d ago

Party chat on PS4 is great and up to 16 people in a party now.

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Silly gameAr1511d ago

People seem to be more worried about the x1 catching up to the ps4 then getting a great gaming experience.

maniacmayhem1511d ago

No different from this gen when most were worried about PS3 catching up to Xbox 360.

fr0sty1511d ago

Which it eventually did, and then surpassed it.

Silly gameAr1511d ago

Sure maniac. Whatever you say.

SilentNegotiator1511d ago

People knowing that a system behind in total sales but quite consistently selling at a faster rate was going to sell better in then long the same as people constantly hoping for a game to save a system well behind in both total sales and rate?


DragonKnight1511d ago

Thing is, the console that's in the lead normally (but not always) dictates the direction the industry heads in in terms of features, right down to what genre sells the best and is the most supported.

Who here is sick of FPS games?

bleedsoe9mm1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

@fr0sty thats why you never say never anything is possible . the best part consumers got ps+ from sony trying to catch up , hopefully something similar happens with ms .

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AD7051511d ago

Not to mention that Titanfall was the xbox ones biggest game of the year and the PS4 still kicked it's ass in that month.

BlakHavoc1511d ago

O so true, I don't understand where gamers heads are at right now. As long as neither MS or Sony get completed obliterated in sales i'll be just fine, I don't want to see a monopoly in the gaming industry cause we all know that means the gaming industry will go to hell.