Battlefield Hardline Leaked Gameplay Footage

Battlefield Hardline gameplay footage shows off the guns, the Blood Money game mode, and more from the upcoming Battlefield title.

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Future_20151292d ago

Looks like some BF4 mod just with re skinned weapons and other things

Vegamyster1292d ago

Pretty much, could have been DLC or a expansion like BFBC2: Vietnam.

Arturo841291d ago

this was my first reaction when I heard the idea behind it and although early I still get that gut feeling that its just going to be that in a $60 price tag

frostypants1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Awesome point, Vegamyster. Hell, it would have made MORE sense that way. A standalone cops-and-robbers game with the "Battlefield" name makes no sense, but it would be acceptable as DLC.

My guess is we'll never see DLC as amazing as the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion again. EA just won't allow it...they want full retail. Even when they released it I couldn't believe they got it passed the bean counters in finance.

Patricko1292d ago

Just one big BF4 DLC...

youndamie1292d ago

For $60 and then a $60 for all of the dlc to the dlc

JasonXS121291d ago

BF4 is already a DLC for BF3.....

AliTheSnake11291d ago

If it was a DLC it would cost more than 60 bucks, will not drop in price overtime, and it won't have a resell value.

showtimefolks1292d ago

this looks just like BF4 with mods, could have been an expansion pack. I really hoped that With new development studio they would bring some fresh ideas to the game

XiSasukeUchiha1291d ago

Pretty much a another copy of BF4 lol

CaptainFaisal1291d ago

The video doesnt work now ( this video contain s content from EA, who has blocked it on copyrights grounds )

But based on the trailer a week ago it does look like an upgraded BF4, and because they will have a beta means thats they dont want to make the same mistake twice "BF4"

jnemesh1291d ago

@LoneWolf019 Yes, BF4 has a's still ongoing! I would suggest EA fix their EXISTING BF game before working on a new one!

SilentNegotiator1291d ago

It's like BF4 doing Cops and Robbers, but with all of the sensibilities of a COD game.

Deividas1291d ago

Yup. Lost interest as soon as i watched this. I was hoping for something new. Too Bad

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Mikey941292d ago

Youve played one youve played them all.

Goro1292d ago

Looks the exact same as BF4, except it's cops and robbers instead of soldiers.

Cra2yey31292d ago

I already know I'm not gonna buy this game. Love bf4 and still play it till this day but its I guess it's bf4 for another year or let's see how advanced warfighter is this time...

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The story is too old to be commented.