‘Uncharted 4′: Naughty Dog Promises Gamers Will Experience Nathan Drake in a ‘New Way’

For many Sony gamers, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series delivered some of the most eye-popping and emotional moments of the PlayStation 3 generation – which is why it’s no surprise that PS4 gamers are already anxious for Uncharted 4.

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KinjoTakemura1327d ago

With all the stories about Uncharted 4 popping up, anyone want to bet that Uncharted will be ready before Christmas 2014?

Bruce_Wayne1327d ago

I'm thinking 2014 too but we'll see next week. Hopefully 2014 though, because 2015 would be difficult for me to play video games (excuse my selfishness).

KinjoTakemura1326d ago

All of these stories about Uncharted lurking on the net to hype up the game and Naughty Dog. Somethings up.

BlakHavoc1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Highly doubt it, so i'll take that bet. I'd say a summer 2015 release at the earliest.

@kinjo- E3 is what's up, that's the only reason all this info is leaking about the next UC.

mafiahajeri1327d ago

Happy drakes confirmed can't imagine uncharted with out him.

-Foxtrot1327d ago

I know's like doing a Tomb Raider game without Lara Croft

Nathan Drake is Uncharted

Tripl3seis1327d ago

I can't wait for E3 one more week!!

fOrlOnhOpe571326d ago

I'm certainly expecting ND to set the bar at a new high with Uncharted 4. It's great to see what they can do with the hardware and inspire the industry. Good for gamers.

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