Time to Predict the Review Scores: Murdered: Soul Suspect

The reviews are just around the corner, and VGRHQ asks a simple question: What sort of scores will it bring down?

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KinjoTakemura1383d ago

I say it'll average 7 to 7.5

wastedcells1383d ago

6.5 - 7.0 but I hope is a shocker and comes in at 8 - 9.

Eldyraen1383d ago

Seems fair--I expect (if the game even turns out well) that it will still get reviews that fluctuate quite a lot.

Simply watching one of its trailers gives me the impression that while the concept itself is great it would be hard to pull off. It is just very ambitious (sort of LA Noire detective story mash up with a Quantum Dream style game) and although everything I've seen looks great I am still not 100% sure about it yet (renting for now in other words).

ritsuka6661383d ago

65 average score metacritic.

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