EA's Origin Going After Steam Users with Latest Sale

In a thinly veiled attempt at targeting Steam users, EA’s Origin service is promoting a player appreciation sale on games that invites you to forget about your backlog and instead buy some games that “you’ll actually play”.

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ninjahunter1328d ago

Oh? They get origin in a functional state again? Its been broken so many times I just stopped checking it.

pandehz1328d ago

Broken since?

Been using it for a long time.

ninjahunter1328d ago

Ive never had any luck running origin as with many others. For example, the origin store at this moment isn't working for me. I got a loading symbol for a couple minutes then got spit out because origin is unavailable. But i will give it credit, i did successfully launch deadspace 3.

Dynasty20211328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

As much as I hate EA's approach in Origin, with their retarded pricing just being a flat out insult (much like the PSN's prices, what a joke, but dumb console peasants still use it for some god forsaken reason, and then have the audacity to say PC gaming is more expensive), I have to confess I've been genuinely impressed with Origin.

I have never had an issue with it. It doesn't cause problems, it runs just as well and fast as Steam. I get just as fast download speeds as I do on Steam.

Steam beats it every time with content and most importantly prices. Steam is more community and socially driven as well, and actually has indie devs release games too.

Origin has a long, long way to go, and if they don't slash their prices by £20 as a minimum for each game on release, they'll never be good.

SpiralTear1328d ago

Sorry, Origin, but these prices are simply not good enough, especially with the Steam Summer Sale on the way.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891328d ago

Why buy origin when there's not even an option to back up you're games. Such joke cause I love re downloading bf4 everytime I had to reinstall my os /s

Vegamyster1328d ago

"Games you’ll actually play”

People still play NHL 09?

Einhert1328d ago

That really is just pathetic EA

pandehz1328d ago

How is having a sale pathetic?

Will it help if they increased the price instead?

Einhert1328d ago

whats on sale is pathetic

NHL 09?

such wow

Defending EA? re-evaluate yourself

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