Sony giving out Battlefield: Hardline PS4 beta codes to PlayStation E3 Experience attendees

Last week, Sony announced the "PlayStation E3 Experience" - a means for fans to watch the company's E3 2014 media briefing in theaters. When the news was made official, Sony teased "a few surprise gifts" for attendees, though no information was shared specifically.

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KinjoTakemura1477d ago

The codes are for PS4 and people attending Sony's E3 events.

alexkoepp1477d ago

This is going to be the first battlefield I skip since 2142. Don't think it looks that good, just doesn't seem like BF at all. I'm not sure when it comes out but if it is this year I'm going to hate that BF has now become an annualized franchise.

Eonjay1477d ago


What in the freaking Vagina Monologues are you talking about. Its not that serious. If you like the game that much, keep playing. This is Battlefield.

GarrusVakarian1477d ago


" just doesn't seem like BF at all"

It's a spin-off. What are people finding so hard to understand here. If you want a traditional BF experience, then play BF2/3/4. Of course a cops vs criminals BF with bank heists isn't going to seem like a traditional BF....duh.

xHeavYx1477d ago

Nice, can't wait to see what else I get

papashango1477d ago

battlefield stopped being battlefield after 2142. I did play 3 but skipped the season pass. was pretty disappointed that BF2 had more features than bf3 and bf4.

JoGam1477d ago

FYI.... alexkoepp is a troll. Keep it moving. Ignore him.

Ghoul1477d ago

i demand new ideas and features

but i dare you to change anything of the bf formula


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TheDude791477d ago

"What about PC?"

What about it?

Goro1477d ago

Why would Sony have a promotion for PC codes?

KwietStorm1477d ago

Do you also expect Microsoft to hand out SSMB codes at the Xbox presser?

elhebbo161477d ago

Probably EA would do something about that unless the beta codes are exclusive to Sony (which I doubt).

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Snookies121477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Aww, don't own a PS4 yet, here's hoping they show some love for PS3/Vita owners as well. :]

Anyway, if someone has a PS4 and wants the beta code, let me know. (Whenever I get it, that is.)

Snookies121477d ago

Just so people know, someone already asked for the code. Sorry about that, if anyone else was interested!

Crossbones1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Does that mean they have a partnership with EA on the game. Maybe like exclusive content or something?

LAWSON721477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I seriously hope you are not hoping for that to be the case, third parties doing such acts is just disgusting and needs to stop. As gamers I dont think such acts should be accepted let alone embraced.

You ask me MS are a bunch of asses for starting this stupid trend with CoD and Fallout.

Crossbones1477d ago

I think EA is cycling between Playstation and Xbox. Like Medal of Honor 2010 & BF3 were advertise on PS3 and MOH: Warfighter got a exclusive beta on 360 and Battlefield 4 was advertised on Xbox One with Timed Exclusive. This year they will probably advertise or give exclusive content for BF: Hardline to Sony as well as next years Fall Shooter from EA to Sony. So I think EA just cycles between Sony & MS every 2 years.

elhebbo161477d ago

Oh god please no, to many timed exclusive bullshittery with the last two BF games.

-Foxtrot1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I really wish E3 would move around the world in different countries so everyone has the chance to go

Majin-vegeta1477d ago

Isn't that what Gamescon basically is but for European countries and TGS for Asian countries?

Raccoon1477d ago

and why does e3 outshine the rest you ask? well NA has the biggest gaming market...

-Foxtrot1477d ago

Hmmm it's not the same.

Plus it's in Germany

I'm talking about an E3 which would move to New York, Tokyo, London, France, Germany, Australia etc

E3 is much bigger then Gamescon and TGS so it's a little unfair comparison in my opinion. Most of the games shown off at Gamescon are stuff already showed at E3

elhebbo161477d ago

Yea but he means some place else rather than LA all the time, the US is a big place compared to Germany and Japan. Rotating E3 every year between the two coast would be way better than it staying in one place.

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OrangePowerz1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

E3 is an industry event, no general public allowed. Doesn't matter what country it is you wouldn't be allowed to attend unless you work for a dev/publisher or the media.

-Foxtrot1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I always assumed after a day or so the public could visit the booths and stuff on the show floor.

Oh well...maybe they should consider some public show days in the future.

OrangePowerz1477d ago

Nope, all days are for industry only there are no public days.for E3.

Swiggins1477d ago

E3 is the industry show, PAX is the public show, and it's much better in my opinion anyway (I've been to both).

LAWSON721477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


Does it really matter, it is not some public event that everyone can attend? Only those in the industry get in and odds are they are going to LA for it anyway. Besides if you hold the event multiple times throughout the year it would become not nearly as special nor as big of a show

Swiggins1477d ago

You want a reason why that'll NEVER happen?

E3 is a huge profit making opportunity for LA, it brings in several million dollars for businesses, tourism and other industries every year.

It's the same reason Comic Con (The largest entertainment convention in the world) is always in San Diego, because it's an enormous financial boon for the city. Hell they're paying out several million to expand the convention center just to keep the event in San Diego, it would be a devastating blow.

Besides, if it did travel around to different countries it would overshadow those countries already existing gaming conventions...which is bad for them.

trenso11477d ago

To your comment below E3 at first was open to the public, but because so many people attended the gaming press couldn't actually get to much hands on time to report on what was being shown. So they closed it off to the public.

Swiggins1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Yeah, and I've been to E3 as a guest and as a professional, tbh. Shutting out the public did relatively little to solve the congestion at the show, it's still really crowded. Sadly I'm not going this year, it sounds like it's going to be a good E3.

I much prefer going to PAX actually, it's a much more welcoming environment and I prefer Seattle as a location to LA, but that's more personal preference. I like Southern California, I do, but I much prefer the North West it's closer to home...and San Diego's a better city than LA in my opinion so I'd rather go there if I'm going to California ;3

elhebbo161477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

E3 used to happen in atlanta and santa monica as well, not sure why they stopped it.

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Lawboy21477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


Just read the article but I didn't get an email so...still looking forward to the surprise that sony has in store

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