New Details about Nintendo Treehouse for E3; Miyamoto Attending

Mr. Miyamoto is joining the Nintendo Treehouse. Is he bringing a gift?

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XiSasukeUchiha1479d ago

Nintendo! E3 reveal is going to be awesome.

Zodiac1479d ago

hopefully talking about his new IP.

WeAreLegion1479d ago

Will he be in LA that week or streaming from Japan? This is important, darn it! I must meet him!

smashman981479d ago

Well ur probably in luck he attends most e3s

kingtroy1479d ago

Metal gear coming back to Nintendo

animegamingnerd1479d ago

hopefully Zelda U and his new IP gets revealed at E3

Ac7iVe1479d ago

They already said Zelda will be shown. Hopefully we see his new IP and metroid!! :-)

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