The Last of Us co-leads are overseeing the next Uncharted

Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, the Naughty Dog duo who oversaw The Last of Us, are now in charge of the next Uncharted game. Naughty Dog revealed the PlayStation 4 game last November, at a time when game director Justin Richmond and creative director Amy Hennig were attached to the project. Hennig left the developer in March, as did Richmond.

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ToastyMcNibbles1417d ago

Personally I'm glad about this. Straley and Druckmann are amazing together. People seem to forget that Straley directed Uncharted 2 and Druckmann was involved in the creative process. It kinda boggles my mind that some people are in fear because they did The Last of Us as if Uncharted is suddenly going to be as dark as that game was. Nothing against Justin Richmond but I felt Uncharted 3 was a little lacking compared to 2. Still amazing though

Bruce_Wayne1417d ago

Justin was responsible for the UC3 MP so old fans of UC2's should not be worried about UC4 multiplayer at all. I honestly like TLoU multiplayer much more. Hopefully class setup is similar to that.

ToastyMcNibbles1417d ago

Actually the lead multiplayer designer of UC3 was Robert Cogburn. Justin designed the multiplayer for UC2 and directed UC3 but yes I love TLOU multiplayer and can't wait for the PS4 version.

UltimateMaster1417d ago

Another Uncharted 2. OMG, that'll be amazing!

Bruce_Wayne1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Oh crap you're right lol. My bad! Thanks for the correction! I got confused from when I saw Richmond and Cogburn on Reddit a while back. Justin was game director. I actually had them switched. That was a miserable fail. Glad to know you liked TLoU multiplayer as well. See you on TLoU multiplayer on PS4...?

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Jackhass1417d ago

Hoo boy, this Uncharted is gonna be *dark*.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1417d ago

Obviously you never played Uncharted 2 which was the best in the series that was led by Druckmann and Straley also.

GarrusVakarian1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Why? These are the same two guys who lead Uncharted 2, which is regarded as the best in the series, and one of the best games of all time, and isn't dark at all. So them leading UC4 should be nothing but positive reassurance for anyone who had any doubts about UC4.

DigitalRaptor1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I think people underestimate Druckmann and Straley's professional integrity when dealing with existing IP, and I don't think that they will let their personal feelings in creating a serious tone cloud their judgement.

These are professionals, they're not going to make Uncharted "dark" just for the sake of their own egos. They created the best Uncharted game and know its DNA better than most. They will guide it as having a deeper sense of storytelling, perhaps go for the deeper characters angle, better dialogue etc.

I already believe Uncharted 4 will have dark elements, but it's not going to be a "dark" game.

goldwyncq1416d ago

Not dark at all? You begin the game with Drake bleeding to death in a train hanging precariously on a cliff.Not to mention the villain is a total psychopath. Sure it's not TLOU level of dark, but it's a bit silly to claim that the game isn't dark at all.

KinjoTakemura1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Maybe this will quell the stories of doom and gloom at Naughty Dog. The stories about Naughty Dog and Uncharted 4 being in trouble because of a few people leaving the UC4 development team are completely unfounded. People in this industry quit and get re-hired all the time. It's not a big secret. I was one of the first people to say that those who left Naughty Dog's Uncharted development team will be replaced and the work will continue. I wonder what the doom and gloom journalists and trolls will say after reading stories like this?

Spotie1417d ago

Nope. The same people that have been spouting the doom and gloom will continue to do so. Look below you.

nucky641417d ago

agreed - it's just business. when ND co-founder jason rubin left the company many years ago, some thougt that meant trouble as well....then came the "jak and daxter" series....then came the uncharted series....then "last of us".....ND just keeps rolling along and no amount of negative online gossip will change that.

calvincrack1417d ago

If steven spielberg dropped out of indiana jones 5 weeks into filmimg youd be worried about indiana jones

kingtroy1417d ago

Great another win for Sony

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1417d ago

That pretty much confirms that I won't like Uncharted 4 then. I hated the Last of Us but unfortunately it wasn't the last of them as now they plan on ruining Uncharted.

WeAreLegion1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I have concluded that opinions can be wrong, based on your comment.

Kane221417d ago

you do know these two guys worked on uncharted 1 and 2. one of them even lead the game. so there;s nothing wrong with this.

GarrusVakarian1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

"Hated"....really? Hate is a strong word, it had to have done some serious things wrong for you to "hate" it.

Btw, these are the guys who were leads for Uncharted 2, which is widely regarded as the best in the still on track for ruining UC4? Lol, phonies like you make me laugh. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Hated TLOU, yet has a *NEW* DMC avatar....says it all really. Maybe there wasn't enough flashy boss fights with cheesy dialogue in TLOU for you?

Bathyj1417d ago

Wow, what a shock. YOU wont like a PS4 game? And you were so excited about up until now right?

God, if youre going to be a troll, at least be a good one.

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