Troy Baker on Ocelot and MGSV: The Phantom Pain: 'It's going to be really good'

During a Bioshock Infinite panel at MomoCon 2014, Troy Baker spoke a little bit about his role as Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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Omar911449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

......Well I know it's gonna be good Troy, tell us something we don't know!

caseh1448d ago

That it's going to be at least twice as long as Ground Zeroes, weighing in at a hefty 15 mins :D

SuperYakuzaFan1449d ago

I don't need Troy Baker to tell me how amazing Metal Gear Solid is.
I Play Metal Gear Solid always in Japanese voices.

higgins781448d ago

Strange, since the characters in said game are CLEARLY not Japanese, it would all look/sound a bit strange. Also, regarding how "amazing" Metal Gear Solid (series) is...MGS1 yes, MGS2 bits, MGS3 yes - definitely, MGS4 bits, the series as a whole is good at best.

SuperYakuzaFan1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Buddy you dont seem to understand,The Metal Gear Solid originated from Japanese Anime in 1998 which is when i started playing it japanese with amazing Japanese anime voice actors and if you played MGS1 you remember the scene where Gray Fox bangs his head to the ground that is taken from Japanese anime called Slam Dunk!.I can give you many examples from all games.Many characters are japanese in the MGS.Snake himself is Half Japanese.

caseh1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )


I'm not sure if I missed something here or where you got your info.

Both Big Boss and his clone (Snake) are American. Metal Gear Solid is a continuation of a story that started back in the 80's with Metal Gear on the NES and MSX. Metal Gear MKII actually made an appearance in Snatcher (1988). In this game, the engineer states his design was based off the Metal Gear menace. Considering that Metal Gear has been referenced many, many times prior to 1998 how do you figure it to be based off a comic *edit* Anime?

The only thing Japanese in this whole mess is Konami.

SuperYakuzaFan1448d ago

BIG BOSS (Snake) the hero of MGS3 and MGS5 is half american and half japanese,look it up.
Whereas for Solid Snake In the first MGS, Raven says that Snake had Asian heritage:

"Blood from the east flows within your veins. Ah... your ancestors too were raised on the barren plains of Mongolia. Inuit and Japanese are cousins to each other..."

"Metal Gear Solid" has many scenes inspired by Japanese Anime,look it up.
And all the talking is done in Japanese from Metal Gear Solid 1 to Metal Gear Solid 4 with japanese lip syncing.
Metal Gear Solid V is the only game which has english lip syncing but I still will play MGSV in Japanese with iconic voice of Akio Otsuka as Snake.

caseh1448d ago

Their ethnicity is debatable, there is nothing concrete outside of Big Boss apparently being 3rd generation Japanese. If message boards and wiki are to be believed, then he is also European, Scottish and Irish...

Metal Gear as a whole has MANY influences, some are coincidental and others deliberate. For example James Bond is one listed by Kojima at some point, the tuxedo outfit that can be unlocked in MGS is a nod in that general dierection. And Big Boss himself is a BLATANT carbon copy of Snake Plisken (oh hello, that sounds familiar) from the movie Escape From New York, complete with an eye patch. I had a magazine that listed all the major influences, sadly that vanished years ago.

Kojima doesn't speak English to my knowledge, it makes perfect sense that it would be directed in Japanese then localised, either on the fly or at a later date.

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Sloth-Eater1449d ago

This is the game I'm anticipating most this gen. Always is every gen.

Psycho_Mantis1449d ago

Well I bet in his own words thats "Pretty good!" :)

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