Phantasy Star II: Were Critics into Sega's RPG in 1990?

Forget dungeons and dragons, Phantasy Star II takes role-playing gamers out of the high fantasy world and throws them into a distant future. After a successful Master System installment, Sega decided to make Phantasy Star II one of their big 1990 releases. Was this Sega Genesis sequel well received at the time? Defunct Games turn to Electronic Gaming Monthly, Raze, Sega Pro and MegaTech for the answers!

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kalkano1510d ago

I just played this for the first time, about a year ago. It's a mind-numbingly boring grind fest. The only decent game in the original Phantasy Star series is the first one.

darthv721509d ago

Sorry you feel that way. If this wass the first time you have played it since release then it is understandable how you can experience it that way.

You are seeing the style of that game in stark contrast to more abundant RPG's released over the course of many years since.

kalkano1509d ago

I started on the first Final Fantasy, not long after it was released, and I still like it. It's not like I'm a teenager, just getting into gaming.

LordMaim1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Other than 3, I enjoyed all of the original Phantasy Star games. While I liked the original better than 2, you cannot overlook the gem that was Phantasy Star IV. I spent years hoping that they'd release the remastered PS2 versions in NA.

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lemoncake1509d ago

I remember playing phantasy star one on the master system, was a great game. The second one was good but i dont have such fond memories when compared to that first one.

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KinjoTakemura1510d ago

Yep. The first one was the only one worth playing.

mr2331509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I thought 3 was pretty good for it's time, but I did like one the most.

Becuzisaid1509d ago

I only played a few hours of 4 and I liked it. Couldn't compare it to the others though

Edward751509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Of the four base Phantasy star games, PS2 was by far the most innovative. Not from gameplay, but story telling it was one of the first to kill off a main character.

Another thing that many don't remember, At that time sequels like this (ones that continued the story in any way at all) didn't really happen. So it was a serious breath of fresh air in story telling that way. It made me for the first time want to play phantasy star on the master system to see the whole story.

Another thing... The game was so difficult a hint book and maps were included. This game would've been dark souls esque hard for its time without it.

How many people would've known to walk into the side of.. Ido island I think it was called. Or walk outside of the map in the dump..

Even later the falling down the holes to get the Nei was awesomely brutal.

And lastly the small details I have to share that made this game special... The characters. They came along great as you cared about them and the different attitudes they had. Different fighting styles based on their personality. Shir the thief... Stealing stuff from stores was a cool feature. The machine wreckers goofy country type talk. It was a great, difficult, long, story driven game that I consider a pioneer in the jrpg genre.

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