Battlefield: Hardline Leaked

With the leaked announcement of Battlefield: Hardline, Sebastian Young takes a look at what we know so far of Visceral's upcoming shooter and discusses what may be for the Battlefield series.

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skydragoonity1480d ago

Hope this game is as fun as it looks

seanpitt231480d ago

The game is practically the same but instead of army soldier warfare it's urban police warfare instead.
I mean I should get excited for this game but with the controversy of BF4 and how it left a really bad taste in my mouth I just cannot get excited about this which is a shame.

ZodTheRipper1480d ago

Welcome to Battlefield 4.5! Please be excited, pay 60$ and enjoy your completely new 'experience'!

Oagoz1480d ago

You mean battlefield 3.9? Let's be honest bf4 was a downgrade...

IC3_DEMON1480d ago

... and dont worry about the bugs. They'll be patched at about 6 months after release.

XiSasukeUchiha1480d ago

Hardline sounds innovative to the FPS genre.

Deividas1480d ago thanks. Did get excited with the initial leak....but after the gameplay thanks. I already have Battlefield 4

english_learner1480d ago

This looks like a new DLC to bf4
I'm totally dissapointed.

ArchangelMike1480d ago

Exactly! EA are going to charge us 60bucks for re-skinned DLC... and then charge us more for the dlc for the re-skinned DLC! o.0

gedden71480d ago

Even if it is just BF4.5, the gameplay and style will be different. I do agree it should be a massive DLC or a game stand alone game that costs $30 - $40... Bottom line I know this game will be super fun and strategic!!

Sashimi_Sensei1480d ago

I think that after Battlefield 4, lots of people are going to be expecting something really impressive for the next installment. I am interested to see where Visceral takes the solo campaign this time around; there is the potential to really shake the FPS genre up. But as far as multiplayer goes, like gedden7 said, it's sure to be really fun and tactical - provided it actually works!