Xbox Execs Doing Last E3 Show Review: "What a Great Show;" Mix of Games for the Conference Detailed

Looks like the executives at Xbox are quite ready to move the circus from Redmond to Los Angeles, and today they’re hosting the latest review of the press briefing at their HQ, while sharing an outline of the mix of game that can be expected in the conference.

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gjruk1506d ago

Dude you don't always have to comment on every single post you know. There not even constructive comments.

Can't wait for the MS e3 conference. So many big announcements that have been announced before the event which is not the usual Microsoft way, horizon, halo and kinectless SKU would definitely have been announced at e3 before, so can't wait to see what they have up there sleeves, hopefully a Conker game.

Abriael1506d ago

I'm just wondering how much time he has... If I didn't know better, I'd think he was a bot lol.

XiNarutoUzumaki1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

It's his computer, and he can do whatever he pleases. This site is for everyone.

You don't always have to reply to his comments if you don't want to see him you know...

Eonjay1506d ago

In my humble opinion I believe that their show will be great because thats basically the only move left in the playbook. I would get as much hype going as humanly possible with the thought that my competition was serious.

gjruk1506d ago

@Naruto, there is a difference, I don't always reply to his comments, this was the first time and about my 8th comment overall on the whole website! I'm just pointing out the fact that the majority of comments he posts are often pointless, not trying to start an argument, but unfortunately it bugged me.

HappyWithOneBubble1506d ago

Leave him alone man. He's just doing his own thing.

I think Sony will have a better E3 than MS. Either way I think this E3 will be one of the best and every one will bring it. It will be fun.

LexHazard791506d ago

Im with Xi, let Sasuke be. Just ignore him if you dont like him. I mean I dont like him at times with his nonsense but a thread wouldnt be the same without his trolling.

1506d ago
dale_denton1506d ago

are they going to announce full 1080p games for all games?

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xx4xx1506d ago

Nice waste of the one bubble you had.

Docknoss1506d ago

All the Trolling from Sony fans, just let's me know that MS is doing an amazing job. With all the game announcements, software improvements, and well played Business decisions all before E3. What possibly could MS being holding back?Battle toads and The next Prefect Dark just from Rare alone is my guess.

Magicite1505d ago

nobody's praising exbox as much as its own execs

Iffyrhyme1505d ago

Don't listen to the idiots that are telling you to stop commenting. Since when in the fuck did they become priority members in this fucking site.

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truefan11506d ago

MSFT is going NUCLEAR at E3.

Mr Pumblechook1506d ago

With the amount of reveals Microsoft have made BEFORE E3 it makes you think they have got so much to show at their conference. Phil Spencer has certainly been talking confidently about it, almost boastful. I'm expecting megatons!

GodGinrai1506d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

I think MS just wanted to get the obvious stuff out the way, tbh. Seems like they REALLY mean business, these days.

-Foxtrot1506d ago

So are we going to get radiation poisoning XD

Pogmathoin1506d ago

Fallout??!!!! Thats what you mean by radiation poison right??

christocolus1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


More like super Its just less than a week now,the hype is killing me and going through the twitch schedule it seems MS has even more announcements planned for tuesday and wednesday. They better bring the house down at e3.

HugoDrax1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I hope so, as I'll be in attendance :-) I'll get to demo SUNSET OVERDRIVE this weekend as well at the Microsoft Store in Century City, CA. Booked my flight a few days ago.

choujij1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Hopefully not nuclear and self-destruct.

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henriquecopes1506d ago

The Ms will be very aggressive in this e3 to take the consumer distrust toward xBOX. Q I think she announced the Shenmue, because everyone asks Phil, let's see there's only one week lol

gamerfan09091506d ago

I liked Shenmue back when I had a OG Xbox, but I don't see it moving enough units for Microsoft to make it exclusive.

LexHazard791506d ago

Yeah your right, but it would still be a great game to have on the platform. Lets see what happens.

choujij1505d ago

I doubt the amount of money they would need to put in Sega's pockets would be worth it for them.

DigitalRaptor1506d ago

Shenmue being exclusive would be a bad decision for Sega, and although it will gain a lot of good favour for MS, I can't see Sega agreeing to let them take their most prized and protected crown jewel of the hardcore gaming community and put it on a console where it has a 99% chance of bombing.

If they do bring it, I could only buy an Xbone for it. Has to be done.

But it's not happening by all logical reasoning in the world:

HugoDrax1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

"I can't see Sega agreeing to let them take their most prized and protected crown jewel of the hardcore gaming community and put it on a console where it has a 99% chance of bombing. "

1) Just like you didn't see SEGA agreeing to let them take SHENMUE 2 exclusively to the XBOX in the US?

2) Or how about you didn't see SEGA agreeing to let Microsoft develop the entire Operating System for their DREAMCAST console?

I can't see how you made such a statement.....

maniacmayhem1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

@ DR

Why do you keep linking the opinion of that one guy from youtube? Is this you and your opinion on why Shenmue would not come to Xbox?

If anything if Shenmue would release it would be a multiplat game.

But with all the open world games available now and coming in the Shenmue even all that relevant today with gamers?

DigitalRaptor1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

@ HugoDrax

1) If you'd watched the video you'd know that the only reason SHENMUE 2 was exclusive to to XBOX in North America is because Peter Moore (who worked at Sega America at the time) made a deal for a port of an already low performing game, to be able to secure a job at Microsoft, when SEGA was a sinking ship - that is it.

2) At the time, that was SEGA's vision for the console. That was their partnership then, not now. Realistically, SEGA aren't going to give Microsoft the license to make SHENMUE when they have seen how poorly it performed on that console, and they've seen how poorly it performs in the home region where SHENMUE is developed. An operating system from a over decade ago will not be informing decisions of what SEGA want to do with their crown jewel franchise today.

I made such a statement because with SHENMUE, it's only worth dealing in fact, logic and pragmatism. Just like Adam Koralik does in the video I posted.

@ ManiacMayhem

"The opinion of one guy". Do you know who Adam Koralik is?

Maybe I post it along with my SHENMUE posts on here because he's one of the biggest and most dedicated SHENMUE fans out there, and that he isn't a fanboy - all he is doing is being pragmatic and realistic, and thinking about all the options, breaking them down and looking at the most realistic outcome.

If you watch the whole thing, you'd wholeheartedly agree. You wouldn't be making redundant statements like "if anything if Shenmue would release it would be a multiplat game". You should already have come to the conclusion that if SEGA were going to make it multiplat, they would already have done it years ago.

"But with all the open world games available now and coming in the Shenmue even all that relevant today with gamers?"

Yes. It's more relevant than it was 10 years ago. The market for SHENMUE wasn't ready for it because the game was ahead of its time. You ask that question whilst we see games like Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Dark Souls, and Yakuza. SHENMUE is as relevant to the gaming community as any of those games.

maniacmayhem1503d ago

SHENMUE was ahead of it's time and even then it sold poorly.

Open world games are nothing new with todays consoles and the ones that are out now have the player doing all sorts of exciting and interesting things than Shenmue ever did.

I think the nostalgia of Shenmue is clouding your judgment of this game being relevant to today's gamers. It may have a following and it may get requested from old school gamers but I can bet it's from a very small niche crowd.

The reason Sega hasn't made it is because Sega feels it would not be the success that a few of the online fans think it would be.

I doubt Sony would ever fund this game for Sega to be made. If anything MS would more likely to fund the production to gain every little chance they have for the Japanese market alone.

"You ask that question whilst we see games like Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian..."

I don't understand that comparison...Are you saying Shenmue is like those games you mentioned?

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mcarsehat1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

As a show it was actually solid and quite well put together. The way they presented was great, WHAT they presented wasn't so great.

gamerfan09091506d ago

Are you talking about last E3? Cause they definitely had the best showing in terms of games last year.

hellzsupernova1506d ago

This is a common misconception. Sony showed MORE games and yet people act as if they showed less. They had better policies and more games (i wont say better cause thats all opinion based)

Dewitt1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

They showed several already announced titles, FFXV and KH3 which were both multi-platform. They had a very mediocre E3 till those 2 announcements.

mcarsehat1506d ago

yeah, i thought that's what the article was talking about lol

last minute reviews? why not put that?

sourav931506d ago

That title is very confusing :/

mcarsehat1506d ago

yeah i commented about 2013, is the review for this years? haha

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