Did THQ Leave a Legacy or Have Deep Silver Created One

THQ, It has been some time now since the demise but has it left a legacy of games that have still got some mileage in them?

WWE 2K14, South Park The Stick of Truth, Saints Row, Metro, and now Homefront.
All of these titles and a few others were at the forefront of THQ.

Individually they covered a variety of genre’s as you can see.

We as a gaming community know all about the Big Hitters, we all play them……. Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA, GTA, Assassins Creed.

These games are classed as the AAA titles of our current gaming cycle, But was there room for others? And where they good enough to have a place at the top table?

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AceBlazer131416d ago

Where did THQ go wrong? I mean they have some decent-great IPs and I at least think they sold reasonably.

zeal0us1416d ago

Wasteful spending on products like uDraw. Not to mention poor game sales for numerous games last gen.

wastedcells1416d ago

They made a ton of crappy licensed games plus poor money management and then there was the u draw fiasco.

MrSwankSinatra1416d ago

Udraw is one of the main reasons why THQ went out business. They caught lightning in a bottle with that on the wii, had some major success. They then got overconfident and thought they were going to be able to do it again so they expanded the whole Udraw scheme to other platforms. It didn't quite work out that way. Some other factors contributed to their demise, such as all the under performing licensed games they released. Plus not many of the games they published were major successes, sure they had moderate success but with rising development costs intertwined with low returns, it was only a matter of time before THQ went bust. Though i will say that if they never made the decision to expand udraw they would probably still be here.

xboxpete1416d ago

Personally i think they tried to topple activision but failed as they partnered with blizzard to create the bigger force.

As for where they went wrong? $ & £ im afraid too much frittered away

OpieWinston1416d ago

Does this journalist realize that Crytek owns the IP for Homefront, not Deep Silver? Sure they're publishing but Crytek owns the IP so they can walk away with it.

xboxpete1416d ago

Yes i do thanks

But crytek have a long history of partnerships in publishing their products and does that exclude deep silvers confidence in taking on the big guns?

Im pretty sure that when you re read this article or read it for the first time crytek are credited within it.

Please name the last crytek game that was released without a major sofware company as launch companion

WeAreLegion1416d ago

The crappy Spongebob games they made were a lot less crappy than the new Spongebob game. :/ I miss them.

Monkeycan81416d ago

Hey! Battle for bikini bottom was an amazing platformer.

WeAreLegion1416d ago

I would have to agree with you on that. I enjoyed every second of it.

ween1416d ago

"there has never really been a successful free roaming version of a FPS"

Did I just imagine the Farcry games happened?

Dying_Jester1416d ago

Far Cry? Never heard of it, you are definitely imagining things. While talking about things we imagined, was there a Crysis 3?

xboxpete1416d ago

Far cry 3 was an attempt at this but how many weeks did it stay at the top? Or was the sales attri uted to far cry 3 more down to the massive discounting in GAME at christmas that year £19.99 if my memory serves me correctly FOR 5 WEEKS

And before you argue that one i worked in a video game shop at the time so it did happen

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