Can Mario Kart 8 Climb To The Top and Drag The Wii U Along

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if Mario Kart 8 is too little to late to redeem the Wii U. They cite that the game is essentially the first must own title for the system and that the strong early sales show a demand. They do ask though if the game is enough to get people to buy the system and if it will have the gas to catch the others in the series.

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M3TR01DFANBOY1476d ago

the wii u had alot of really good games before mk8. I dont know what this articles talking about.

Garethvk1476d ago

Name them, most of the exclusives have been duds aside from Mario and Donkey Kong or they did not sell well.

marloc_x1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

You look like a big boy Garethvk..certainly you can rationalize that either opinion on Wii U's catalog is subjective. A fact is though our fan base does have a very strong attach rate..

Garethvk1476d ago

True it is just for me, aside from the Mario games, only Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 have made the purchase of the system worthwhile. I have found most of the games lacking, dull, or way behind the times. I do not mind retro but if you want $59.99 for a game then we need something fresh in my opinion.

marloc_x1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

That's cool. I know my Wii U is always the life of the party on multi console get togethers. My friend The Last of Us once and sold his copy. Regardless of raving about the game.
I completed ZombiU three times in a row and still bust it out. But this is just me;)

TheUltimateGamer1476d ago

I'd have to agree that the Wii U has a number of great titles. It entirely depends on what you want from your console. WiiU is awesome for multiple players in one household, Xbox is fantastic for online play, and Playstation is perfect for singleplayer adventure games. Not everything fits into this mold of course, but generally speaking that's where the "system war" seems to have lead us. I have all three consoles and wouldn't want to get rid of any of them. They all server their purposes quite nicely :)

11eleven111476d ago

The WiiU has is in no shortage of good games. Some people should really try harder. Nintendo did fail the media campaign past launch though.

Garethvk1476d ago

if they have so many good games then why is the system not selling? They expect even with Mario kart 8 to move 3 million or so units in the next Fiscal Year. PS 4 and Xbox One move that in a quarter.

marloc_x1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

These machines are a delivery system for software of which N has the richest in house games. They are consistent million sellers that will trickle out for years to come. Beats running out of gas on a subscription model..