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The Xbox One Has Lost Its Identity

Hardcore Gamer: The Xbox One is undoubtedly a better and more appealing system than it once was, but it will forever be a much less interesting one from here on out. (Xbox One)

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ValKilmer  +   354d ago | Well said
Well, thankfully that identity was a "720p DRM Box with games you can't share and a peripheral nobody wants," so that's not a bad thing.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   354d ago
Not really the X1 is just a stronger 360. Just like the PS4 is a strong PS3 its simple.

If ppl really wanted Kinect that bad, they would get one now or this fall, realistically.

Besides I thought the exclusives gives the console an identity. If MS didn't have any first party studios to create first party AAA software then yeah it wouldn't have an identity no console would.

Killer Instinct was gone for 15 years and MS brought it back. Plus MS said other remakes and re-imaginings are possibly in the works.

So on top of creating the usual new AAA ip's, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break (maybe more at E3). The blockbuster hit titles like Halo 5, Fable Legends and Forza Horizon 2 along with rebooting or remaking great dormant franchises that we know and love. Shenmue 3, Battle Toads, Conkerer are literally just some the request's ppl been making. Phantom Dust I think is real and alive. (Thank you Phil)

Trust me MS has an identity.
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denawayne  +   354d ago
I'm still trying to find all the people who regret buying an Xbox One.
B1uBurneR  +   354d ago
Did you just names games that hasn't been confirmed as facts? I think gamers have lost their identity correction this gen fanboys have lost their identity... Ps4 gave ps3 gamers a backbone to stand firm.. it's like the are a whole new person this Gen.
Rainstorm81  +   354d ago
They are on craigslist selling the system at a loss


Maybe instead of waiting on MS they bought a different console?.....I know many people that did that with the PS3.....instead of waiting for Sony they bought a 360
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Pogmathoin  +   354d ago
Well said..... Many here said if Xbox cut this, dropped that, did this, they would buy it. Guess what? MS did all that, and now we see who is nothing more than trolls, sad fanboys, and to those who go buy it now, welcome, it is a great system.....
Jubez187  +   354d ago
PS4 isn't a stronger PS3. It has many more features
No_Limit  +   354d ago

"PS4 isn't a stronger PS3. It has many more features"

Such as?

Don't get me wrong, I have the PS4 as well but I don't see what extra feature it has over previous systems, same as the XB1 now. They are gaming machines, and that is what it should be about and why I bought one.
aiBreeze  +   354d ago
Completely agree.. A console's identity is defined by it's games, not by a gloried accessory.
christocolus  +   354d ago

Well said. I now have a lot more friends looking forward to buying the system. The console definitly has an identity and it will only keep getting better.
Bennibop  +   354d ago
@denawayne you have found one, I really regret purchasing my xbox one. Loved my 360 at launch x1 is just not a patch on my ps4 at the moment.

Live: benni bop
Redgehammer  +   354d ago
Well stated. I have been a 360 owner for 7 years, and my dealings with, and happiness, has been highly maintained, over that period. I will purchase the "elite version", at some point, of the XO; but, until then, I have 600 GBs of, full version, games to play on my 360. I like what I perceive to be MSs Identity.
Sy_Wolf  +   354d ago
Right, and all the consoles are just more powerful Apple IIs.
XisThatKid  +   354d ago
I agree with the article I Been saying exactly this for some time now its not terrible but I liked the differences between the systems honestly
AngelicIceDiamond  +   354d ago
@Disagrees Disagreeing is fine but an explanation would be better.

What did I say that was so wrong here?

EDIT: And yes I'm fully aware Sony is remastering and rumored to be bringing back an oldie (can't wait to see what it is) as well but Phil is actually bringing back games based on request from gamers

So much so you can go to twitter and put in put in #BringbackOGXboxGames and Phil will look over and might even consider some requested games.

@Silent Hey I'm just sayin what MS gives me. But you and everyone here are disagreeing for the sake of not liking my post (its too pro Xbox I know)

Its way to much Xbox positive and its hurts to read well that's just to bad that's not my issue.

Nobody here can argue my points so I won this debate easily.
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Fatal-Aim  +   354d ago
@ AngelicIceDiamond

um yeah... the PS3 didn't have a gyroscope or a T-pad. already, these two features allows for a whole new way to play. this alone makes the PS4 more than just a powerful PS3. stop putting the X1 in the PS4's just because MS decided to remove most of the X1's features.
SilentNegotiator  +   354d ago
You really felt the need to include "requested games" to fluff up your argument?

edit: You're the one arguing IP resurrections as part of their identity and then listing off a bunch of games that don't exist, since you have little other than KI to make that argument. Yet, you're going to imply that I'M the biased one here?
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MrSwankSinatra  +   354d ago
What are you talking about? The PS4 is a far cry away from being a stronger PS3. So many things have changed from the PS3 to the PS4. Anybody who actually owned a PS3 for years and jumped to the PS4 will tell you it's a totally different experience.
Freedomland  +   354d ago
After the reveal they tried to correct their mistakes but people took it as a damage control because instead of doing slowly, they reversed everything suddenly and lost their repute as a strong brand and emerged as a weaker competitor and everything they did, seemed reactionary.
BitbyDeath  +   354d ago
'Just like the PS4 is a strong PS3 its simple.'

It isn't though cause the new OS improved on just about everything.

Things like -

No longer having to wait a few mins before starting a game for installs/patches
Installing a full game to the HDD
Live with PlayStation
Share Button
Integrated shop
Trophies load before sync
Game detail integration with the OS
What's New section
Controllers that can charge while the system is in standby
Start/Select buttons finally gone and replaced with a single button "Options"
Voice control (Don't need a cam for it)
and many many many more features that never existed before.

If these don't make a new console then I don't know what does.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   354d ago

"You're the one arguing IP resurrections as part of their identity and then listing off a bunch of games that don't exist, since you have little other than KI to make that argument."

Seeing how I'm using those as examples of what could come to X1 I never said anything of those games ever existing (besides Phantom Dust recent trademark filing). Those games were requested from fans.

Still no argument from you like I said its to much good Xbox talk in my post that's what bothers you and the rest of the usual naysayers.

Its nothin new from you and the rest of the ppl here. But nice try attempting to find an excuse downplay though.
miyamoto  +   354d ago
The article title is right.

The Xbone has two identities.

1. The internal identity that M$ initially designed it with. RDM, 24 hour check in, always connected, no used games machine etc. which to them is acceptable.

2. The Xbone had an outer public identity that M$ introduced to the world...an identity that many many people hated.

These identities are what M$ is trying to change.

And yes Xbone is loosing its identity in terms of integrity.

M$ and Xbone has no vision and backbone to stand by it.
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UltimateMaster  +   354d ago
When the Wii became a huge success, it created kinect to try to compete with it.
It launched the Xbox One with the kinect and try to be the next Wii.
Now that the PS4 oversold the Wii U, they've changed everything to become the next Playstation.

If you ask me, they never had much of an identity to begin with, they've always copied what others were doing.
nunley33  +   353d ago
Not many would say the XB1 was just an upgraded 360 a year ago. MS seemed to throw away everything they did well with the 360 and offer something really different,it was puzzling to see MS flounder about making so many self-inflicted wounds. A more powerful 360 would've been tbe safer route for them to take. It was a bold move at first look i'll admit but not a well planned one. It looks more like a 360 and PlayStation now with all it's backpedalling but it should mean more sales so it's for the best.
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Rainstorm81  +   354d ago
I agree I prefer X1 new identity over its XBone identity when it was first revealed

They are trying to make it a console worth buying now, and not just a vehicle to further their own agenda (Kinect, XBL, TV focus etc.)
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2cents  +   354d ago
The identity of the One was of a sinister skinny tall old man in a trench coat and a hat with a thin smile and boney fingers, with his hand outstretched saying "come on kids, I've got something special here to show you"... (shudders).

Now its a strong tech savvy individual that loves choice in accessibility to entertainment. (Awesome!)

So in my humble opinion, the title of this article should be... The Xbox has Gained it's Identity.
Chevalier  +   354d ago
Yeah sounds like Tallman.

XxExacutionerxX  +   354d ago
Wow, Valkilmer....lol looks like your career ended when you became a Sony fanboy. If you were with microsoft, maybe you could have gotten back on TV. Lol
edonus  +   354d ago
I see the X1 identity situation like Superman situation.

The original idea of the Xbox One was to strong of a vision for the weak mind set of the gaming community as it stands. Like Superman just couldnt come out day one and say here I am..... bigger and stronger than everything you know.
So what MS has had to do is turn the X1 in to Clark Kent. Now the first thing a hater will say is YEAH... Clark Kent is weak and so is the X1....but truth is that Clark Kent is just as strong as Superman.... he is Superman.
All the original great things the Xbox One was built around are still there just presented in away that doesnt scare the weak.
If you do all digital (like myself) my system is always on and I can go to all my games by just saying it...no disc or anything.
Still has the giant server network and pushing cloud computing. Forza 5 and Titanfall are the baby steps of that.
X1s being offered with out kinect is for those people that cant wrap their heads around Superman. Kinect is one of the most advanced pieces of technology you can buy in its simplest form its a voice controlled IR blaster and web cam in its most advanced its a audio visual 3d sensor that adds and enhances every function of your console that turns everything into one device. But we seem to have a bunch of people that are pretty much just looking for a new 360 that just pushes more pixels and nothing else (like the Ps4 is just a Ps3 with more Pixels and a capture card).

The X1 has great games and great features that look great play great and work great. Everything else is just semantics.
Rainstorm81  +   354d ago
My mind exploded reading this. WOW!

The Delusion is Strong with this one.

Superman huh? So I guess we all know what the Kryptonite is....
DigitalRaptor  +   353d ago
This is funny, you're using Superman analogies now? Things must be getting desperate. Normally your comments are better constructed than this, but this was just terrible.

People just want great GAMING experiences on a GAMING console, but you clearly are a "higher breed" of gamer who prefers the non-gaming aspects to penetrate the influence of the gaming brand they love. Remember what the name of this site is? Yeah, as I've said before....

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DARK WITNESS  +   353d ago
Possibly the most ridiculous statement I have read on n4g for all the years I have been on this site.

I can only guess that you were kidnapped at a tender age and locked in a room where you were forced to toss Don Mattrick's salad day and night...

How weak minded you are is evident by the self delusion.
DARK WITNESS  +   354d ago
In my opinion the xbox is finally getting it's identity back.

When I bought into the xbox and it's vision xbox was all about games, "hardcore games" if you want to call them that.

it was about core games for core gamers (mostly), somewhere in the middle of the 360's life it lost that and became a lot more about casual games and entertainment. That is not really a bad thing per say, but it lost it's focus on doing anything with it's core market. They just wanted to feed us Gears, Halo, Forza and keep repeating over and over.

With the xbox one they wanted to push that even further, but it has not got them the love they expected so now they are having to push back to the core.

Thats not a bad thing in my book. they are starting to talk about games again like they use to.
I may actually get excited about being an xbox fan again.
DealWithIt  +   354d ago
Yep. Now its just "720p box that nobody wants"
beans  +   354d ago
Wrong! I want it I'm sure like many others.
Rimeskeem  +   354d ago
its still is known as 720p to a lot of people.

But the problem with it now is that its the samething as the PS4 just weaker
Magicite  +   353d ago
nobody's praising exbox as much as its own execs
XiSasukeUchiha  +   354d ago
B1uBurneR  +   354d ago
Xbox one lost its identity Yes just like gaming journalists has.
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Spotie  +   354d ago
True, but one doesn't really have an effect on the other.
marlinfan10  +   354d ago
i agree with the gaming journalism but not the xbox. MS is giving people choices. the only people that would find that as a bad thing are trolls and fanboys. (who coincidently are the same ones that were asking for more choices)
yankolo  +   354d ago
Xbox its great...KI ....titanfall....kinect and fifa are great....DONT HATE PLAY...
corvusmd  +   354d ago
I love my X1, maybe I just better understood what it's identity was from the beginning, and the changes that have been made were things that didn't upset me either way, but I appreciate that those changes make it easier for others to join the fold....so Identity change? Ok, as long as it helps gamers, I can't see it as a bad thing.
GW212  +   354d ago
You need to stop the BS. Every single time with you, it's more BS.

You are the same one that was on here talking endlessly about how revolutionary the Kinect was and how it would change gaming and the way we interacted with hardware. Well, now they dropped it. So, please stop talking like you "understood what its identity was from the beginning" because that's just bogus. You know it and everyone else knows it.

I get you are a rabid MS fanboy but, damn dude, give it a rest and go play some games. No need to come on here and make excuses or try to tell everyone how you're the only one that understands a console's identity. When is the wedding date?
DigitalRaptor  +   353d ago
Corvus, you were one of the biggest Kinect/Xbone vision defenders on here, so I don't believe that damage control for a second. You were also one of the biggest Sony/PS4 detractors on here too before and after the consoles launched, calling Sony's latest console a PS3.5.

Don't know what caused your change of behaviour? Maybe the bubble system here really got to you, and you're trying to win them back?
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InTheLab  +   354d ago
The 360 had none of that garbage from last June and aside from the hardware failures, was a strong console and exactly what most gamers want. A straight up console with no gimmicks.
Demoa  +   354d ago
oh boy another xbox hate article how typical on sony4g
WeAreLegion  +   354d ago
Public opinion changes all the time. Sony may have more fans right now, but there's a reason for that. This place was Microsoft central back in 05, when I joined.
christian hour  +   354d ago
Exactly, it's hilarious to see this place being called a home for sony fanboys, back in 05 and up til around 2009-2010 this was more of an xbox site than a sony site, or at least that was the label thrown around at the time, much like the label thrown around now is it being news for sony gamers, I have no idea what these crazy people are talking about though, all I can see on this site is news for gamers.

It doesn't serve or bend to the whim of one consoles community, it only appears that way to incredibly insecure and/or insane people with short term memories or who just signed up in the past year or two.

Also for those of you who are experiencing their first new generation (considering the last one lasted 9 years, for a lot of this sites age demo {13-18}, this would/might be their first time seeing new consoles) anything and everything everyone is saying in regards to weaker multiplats, there being no games, or that its all just ports or hd remakes etc... its all been said before, At the start of every other gen, for almost every console. Welcome :)
Rimeskeem  +   353d ago
Sorry that we havent had any articles on how MS is supposed to destroy the competition it E3 or anything.
hellzsupernova  +   354d ago
It is just a 360. The exclusive games linup is just the 360 line up with higher numbers.
Julion0715  +   354d ago
Love my x1 guess I lost my identity too
colonel179  +   354d ago
What identity? It's a game console and Kinect didn't make the Xbox One. It was only a way to interact.

Wii U losing the Wii U gamepad would be losing its identity, since the entire console is built around it. Xbox One only had Kinect for the UI. There was not a single game that NEEDED kinect.
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Rainstorm81  +   354d ago
In all fairness a year ago we were told by MS that " the entire console was built around Kinect and DRM and you can't just remove it"

Since then they have backtracked that statement out of existence....Ninty could do the same one day

Xbox 1 and Xbox division has changed identity......... and its better because of it
colonel179  +   354d ago
Well, all that backtracking at least has been to make the Xbox One better.
TheWatercooler  +   354d ago
Xbox fanboys loved to call ps4 a ps3.5. What is xbone now? Just the same as ps4 only significantly less powerful.
ats1992  +   354d ago
You're delusional if you think the ps4 is significantly more powerful than the xbox one. Yes the ps4 is more powerful but its not by a lot.
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Puppy_Farts  +   354d ago
I love how you call him delusional for saying the the PS4 is more powerful and then immediately agree that the PS4 is more powerful. How much is "not by a lot"? For me, I go with Sony for the quality of product which tends to lend itself towards better games with better graphics (for me). Though, I will throw down cash ASAP for AW2. :)
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DigitalRaptor  +   353d ago
Look at the goddamn specs...


SMH. PS4 has been widely accepted as the significantly more powerful machine for months now. You're going to call other people delusional for formulating opinions based on fact?
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Chapter11  +   354d ago
The argument here is little more than "yeah it was terrible, but at least it had an identity".

What kind of garbage is that?
kewlkat007  +   354d ago
What identity... A new SKU without the kinect...something many wanted...buy a kinect or the kinect bundle if interested in its features..
mrpsychoticstalker  +   354d ago
It has lost so much its identity that is being highlighted by the press, developers, fan base, families as the all in one machine to have in your living room that is fun to even develop with ("We are having a blast" Quantum Break Devs)

All Xbox fans agree that this is the best time to be an Xbox owner, so sorry... your article is not even worth reading. I just read the title.
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Baszs  +   354d ago
An identity is created over the years..
It's a multimedia gaming console, at this point.
who knows what the future brings.
xJumpManx  +   354d ago
My xbox one gets played more than my ps4 so I guess its identity is my main console for this generation.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   354d ago
Like I stated above I really hope Phil takes remakes and rebooting serious. Killer Instinct was just the start but I really hope MS surprises with more game being brought back from the dead.

Perfect Dark third person action? Beyond Good and Evil 2? Shenmue, Battletoads, Conkerer, Viva pinata, Blinx The Time, Otogi, Gun Valkyirie etc.

Anything is possible and I think that's by far will be the greatest assets of owning X1 this gen.

I think that'll give X1 a great identity. The Xbox remaster box One lol.
Rainstorm81  +   354d ago
Once Upon a Time......people shunned HD remasters and remakes
SpiralTear  +   354d ago
They still do, because unless there's something fresh and new in the gameplay of the HD remakes, there's no point in paying full price for it.

Wind Waker HD had Hero Mode and beautiful graphics. The ICO HD collection had massively improved technical fidelity. Hell, I'd even say that Halo Anniversary had some good updates.

Aside from those and maybe a few others, there's no point in spending all that money on a game you already played to completion. Tomb Raider didn't get the "definitive" edition: it got the same game, but prettier.

And you'd have to be out of your mind if you're buying The Last of Us on PS4 when you've already bought the PS3 version and completed it. There's no point in buying it again at its asking price.
HaydenJameSmith  +   353d ago
There is a difference between remakes and reboots bro, the only rumored remake I see Xbox may be working on is the "Master Chief Collection"

I still think Remakes are a waste of time cause that time is best served giving us a great sequel built with the hardware in mind... But at the end of the day I probably would buy ME Trilogy or Halo Collection etc... just to relive those games on my new console...
DoubleM70  +   354d ago
Only thing that has lost an identity around here is gamers. Resolution gate how many cores and how powerful the CPU.
SpiralTear  +   354d ago
Resolutiongate is this generation's "blast processing": people using this marketing element as an arguing point without having any idea what it actually means for a game's quality or technical fidelity.

At least "blast processing" sounds cool. Resolutiongate sounds like a bad movie title.
Imalwaysright  +   354d ago
Well said.

Now that those ridiculous policies are in the trash (where they belong) what will define the X1 identity for me will be its games, after all yhat is why I buy these things.
tgunzz  +   354d ago
Great console for me....
#19 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Gamer777  +   354d ago
More click-bait journalism.
aragon  +   354d ago
This is the second opinion piece I have seen with same headline in 2 weeks wow, has everyone lost their identity because of xbone? Theirs higher demand for the product now same strong demand for ps4 . I think gamers have lost their identity I remember when gaming used to be fun just Nintendo and Atari
sic_chops  +   354d ago
It's the stepchild of consoles. It's been mishandled by Microsoft. Always in last place. Still trying to catch the wii u.
jnemesh  +   354d ago
Debate it all you want...split hairs, tell yourself that resolution, frame rates, or pure power doesn't matter...but the end result is that a Kinectless Xbox One loses it's only defining feature. All that's left is an underpowered games box that sells for the same price as it's more powerful competition. Additionally, there are FEWER GAMES available for this box. It's no longer an "Xbox One", it's the "Xbox Done".
KinjoTakemura  +   354d ago
How does this crap get approved anyway?
CJDUNCAN  +   354d ago
Not really, I think they are on the right track now. Their campaign should be "does everything"

Imagine that, you're sitting there playing your game then you get a skype call. Skype call ends and a football game is about to come on so you snap that while still gaming.

They have a console that does everything. Eventually when the devs get comfortable with the architecture we'll have more 1080p games for the resolution-nazi's out there too.
Fatal-Aim  +   354d ago
@ No_Limit

"I don't see what extra feature it has over previous systems"

the PS4 has a gyroscope. this can easily be put in place as an [aim assist] when staring up the barrel of a rifle rather than a clumsy analogue stick. ...and that is just one way of using it.

the T-pad (((ALONE))) has 15+ different inputs that can all coexist at the same time. this basically gives you a SECOND DualShock controller to work with. RTS is just one of many games that will benefit from this - nevermind the fact that you will never run out of inputs again like last gen consoles.
MaxwellBuddha  +   354d ago
Stop calling it a "T-pad". Seriously, you make it sound like some feminine hygiene product.
FLYINGDOG  +   354d ago
@ rainstorm81 > yeah I can't find any at 300$...
user9558903  +   354d ago
Tell me about it. Mine keeps walking around the house wearing sun dresses and speaking in Spanish
Austacker  +   354d ago
Clickbait bullshit article.

Didn't read.
beans  +   354d ago
So the playstation is practically an xbox now feature for feature with similar games and online capabilities yet it's the one with an identity problem. Lol

If anything the xbox has returned to its original state.
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