Mario Kart TV’s best videos: Unbelievable wins, amazing skill shots, total BS, and more craziness

GamesBeat: We’ve collected a few videos showing off some impressive Mario Kart 8 skill.

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darkronin2291328d ago

Awesome. My other favorite thing to come out of this: the Luigi Death Stare. Those videos are super creepy.

BattleN1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Grafix are ridiculously good!
Reminds me of those wallace and gromit movies but better!

higgins781328d ago

Thank you Nintendo, thank you for brining the FUN back into gaming.

MeLoveRamen1328d ago

i agree with you, i haven't bought a mario kart since 64 and mario kart 8 is truly one of the funniest experiences i have had with any video games. Playing local coop with other people online is soooo good, i don't remember the last time i had laughed so hard from playing a game.

MeLoveRamen1328d ago

For me Mario kart 8 is the funniest game of the year so far, it is truly a gem.

higgins781328d ago

I received my copy yesterday - after pre-ordering it on the 7th of March! Already I am 100% less jaded with the industry than I was Tuesday - the day I received Watch Dogs for my PS4...that game is a shame, perhaps this generations E.T?

PygmelionHunter1328d ago

Is Watch Dogs really that bad? I've been psyched to play it since it was revealed...

higgins781327d ago

I can only speak for myself but yes, it really is that bad. Trite, twitchy controls, soulless and not even the last gen graphics can hide all this...NOT the reason I invested in a PS4 at launch.

R00bot1327d ago

Just adding that I think this guy was replying to the Watch_Dogs comments, so no need for disagrees it you thought he was talking about Mario Kart.