Assassin's Creed: Unity Awesome New Concept Art Revealed

"Here's a one concept art photo to keep your anticipation at bay."

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BlakHavoc1418d ago

One of my favorite franchises in gaming right now! I really wished they had the game take place in Japan opposed to France though, it just feels like the setting is too familiar. I would have loved to play as a shinobi fighting samurai and stuff, game would have been all sorts of epic.

skydragoonity1417d ago

I am tired of assasins creed

TrollingKoala1417d ago

If they do have have naval exploration like they did in Black Flag i would like to see a lot more focus on land this time around, land areas were good in Black Flag but you could tell that it wasn't the focus of the game.

SpinalRemains1381417d ago

Yeah, the sailing around got to be a bit much after 12 hours or so.

We all play the game in order to be all ninja-like and sneak around, and not to sing songs and have naval battles with other ships. It was a decent departure, but way too much focus on it.

TrollingKoala1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Exactly i mean the naval experience was greatly improved from 3 but after a while you say "Well i have had fun robbing ships and now i want to perform gravity-defying leap of faiths and be a stealthy assassin......on three "major small city islands" (i am being over generous in calling Nassau a "city").

Axonometri1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Look it's BatCreed.

bixxel1417d ago

Something big is coming on this game.That awesome architecture,those beautiful setting and so many historical events...feels like the way when AC2 was first revealed.I'm hyped.