Cross-platform between PC and PlayStation 4 through War Thunder

What do you think, PC or PS4 is better? Instead of choosing a side, now you have the chance of experiencing both. You can war across platforms through War Thunder. It will bring PC and PlayStation 4 together on a cross-platform multiplayer “very, very soon.”

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Crazyglues1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

This is amazing, that's going to be really cool..

I've been waiting a long time for PC gaming to be able to play with console gamers... (sure it can't work for every game but for this one, it's awesome)

This is really cool, more players to be able to play with is always a good idea... Long as it's fair and one side does not have an advantage, then I think it's a good thing.

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Nine_Thousaaandd1418d ago

I agree, Square Enix did a wonderful job bringing PC and PS fans together in FFXIV ARR.

And now we have War Thunder and as long as the balance is great on both sides, I think this will be a huge success as well.

fr0sty1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

For those of you who haven't played this, War Thunder is easily the best free to play game I've ever played... and it is ACTUALLY free to play. I've been playing it for months now and haven't paid a dime. Leveling up takes longer, but not so long that you feel at any real disadvantage to those who pay. You can still progress through the game just fine.

It takes a little getting used to at first, because you only start off with 2 respawns (or crews, as they call it, as you can only spawn each plane one time per match), but that quickly goes up to 6 with the option of buying a 7th, and is more than enough to last through a match. I rarely ever run out of planes in a match these days.

The game is out today, and they've enabled controlling land vehicles like tanks and AAA as well. I hate to sound like an ad for the game, but don't miss this one if you like flight combat games.

This game with morpheus would be amazing, and thankfully they have already announced they're working on it.

JackOfAllBlades1418d ago

I've logged over 300 hours of flight time and over 100 hours in tanks now. Game is amazing, the ground forces are much better than world of tanks. And don't even get me started on how good the planes are

3-4-51418d ago

Been playing it on PC for almost a year now and it's awesome.

I like PC controls for shooting as it allows you to fly more realistically while shooting, where as with a controller, you end up bobbin around in the air trying to aim at people and it takes away from the realism and fun of flying.

Easier to do Immlemann turns with controller

Easier to aim and shoot with PC. / Mouse&keyboard

fr0sty1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I do like the controller for flight, as it mimics a little flight stick. I wonder if the PS4 version supports and flight sticks?

I think that tradeoff between aiming and flying will provide a great balance. PS4 users will need to be better aim than PC users, but will have the advantage of being able to get on their tails easier than they can PS4 users.

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kratoz12091418d ago

This is awesome cannot wait to jump back into this and check out the ground gameplay.
I think the ps4 players will do just fine

Saryk1418d ago

FYI. Make one account for aircraft and one for tanks, if you want to play both. I am very high on the aircraft side and you will need to sell planes to make room for tanks. But awesome game................

JackOfAllBlades1418d ago

What are you talking about sell planes? I do just fine with 1 account for both, just try to always play the highest rewarding vehicle and you'll be golden

Saryk1418d ago

Have you unlocked all the slots using gold? Even if you did and used each slot you will run out of slots having both planes and tanks. If you only play one or two vehicles, ok. But if you have a slot for each line for each country, you will run out.

JackOfAllBlades1418d ago

No but normally I move on once I have a enough planes for a full line of the next tier of planes/tanks. But alright buddy

sovietsoldier1418d ago

great but its going to completely fuck their servers and wait times will be like 10-20 minutes.

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