The Despair of Season Passes and Day One DLC

"The age of DLC allows our games to go further. But what is the damage of Season Passes? Do developers cheat us and sell parts of the game that were cut out?"

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Ajoyshop1476d ago

It's annoying but at same time a little exciting to finish a game and then have more of it pop up later on. It breathes new life into it. Bioshock infinite for instance. I couldn't get enough of it, I felt the ending was a good finalization but the DLC brought the game back. Gave me another new chance to enjoy it. I guess they could have included that content in the full release but I liked the way they did it just like I like how The Walking Dead is episodic. It depends on the game.

Neonridr1476d ago

There's a difference between having content immediately available at launch that you have to purchase and stuff that comes out later on. But like you said, having DLC that releases down the road is something that the developers weren't able to include in the original game, or new stories they want to expand upon.

Since the developer is using time and resources to make that happen, paying for it is inevitable. At least it's not Battlefield pricing, $20 isn't that much of a pill to swallow.

Ajoyshop1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Makes sense. I was thinking more about DLC down the line. I haven't personally encountered Day one DLC in my games. Not yet at least.

AuXDubz1475d ago

Never been a DLC guy, never will be.