Classcraft makes the classroom a giant role-playing game — with freemium pricing

Eating in class, teleporting out of lectures, and asking for hints in exams. All perks for the students role-playing their way through school life with Classcraft.

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ColManischewitz1362d ago

Is bringing a free-to-play ed app into the classroom a good idea?

Sadie21001362d ago

No, but it sounds cool as hell. School is so much more fun now than it was when I was a kid!

wita1362d ago

Yeah, I wish I could go back to high school now!

christian hour1362d ago

Yeah I wonder if I could sneak in unnoticed? The media would label me as a sex offender and/or pedophile if I get caught, but in reality all I wanted to do was play ClassCraft and work on my blacksmithing skills :(

This makes me feel like I got educated in the wrong decade, screw you The 90's, thanks for NOTHING!

TheShrew1362d ago

As an American, our education can't get much worse. I am willing to try anything!

WeAreLegion1362d ago

I'm working on a documentary about the public opinion of video games as a medium.

We interviewed teachers across the country about bringing in something like this. When you call it a "video game", most of them are opposed to the idea. When you call it an "educational interactive experience", a large portion of them were all over it!

So, the stigma is definitely there. I hope games and interactive experiences, in general, can help education in the future.

christian hour1362d ago

Thats awesome :D Will this documentary be made available online or will it be doing the festival circuit first for a while? Or is it just a personal and/or college project?

Either way, "Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter."

WeAreLegion1362d ago

Thank you for being interested! That's great to hear! We will be making this documentary available online. YouTube, most likely. Sure, I would like it to run through festivals and such, but I have a couple of other projects that would be better suited for that.

This film will be informative. Instead of arguing with individuals about the "dangers of video games", we need to inform them. I'll message you and stay in contact about the film.

christian hour1362d ago

Awesome thanks for the reply :)