Thoughts On The New PlayStation Plus: Quit Your Whining

PlayStation is rolling out changes to how its PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection will work, and people are working themselves up over it. Short Pause attempts to clarify the changes and the writer becomes a cranky old man about how people act when change is introduced into their lives.

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admiralvic1504d ago

I guess I missed it, since I didn't see anyone complaining about Sony dropping the evergreen titles and a PS3 title for another PS4 title, but if people are complaining about that, I can understand to a degree. More people own a PS3 than PS4 and this change can result in this losing something really good like Metal Gear Rising for a game like Stick it to the Man. Not saying that is the right mentality, but I am also not saying they don't have the right to be disappointed.

Speaking of that right, I don't see why some people believe all comments towards PlayStation Plus must be positive. I agree it's a good value and I agree the people who talk about canceling over a bad month are wrong, but I also think people should be able to express disappointment if they want. There is nothing wrong with showing you're not thrilled about getting another fighter or some sports game that most people (on gaming forums anyway) will never play, especially if you do it in a measured way.

Neonridr1504d ago

Agreed. Some people also have to remember that not everyone owns all Sony systems. I have a PS4 and Vita, so while the PS3 is getting AAA titles constantly, the PS4 seems to just get either indie games, or ports from a PC version. NBA 2K14 came out the same time on the PS3 as it did on the PS4, so don't use that "The PS4 only came out 7 months ago" excuse.

I haven't been super excited about the PS+ titles over the past two months, and my Vita is primarly used for the Remote Play feature, so the Vita games aren't being played much either.

Am I going to cancel? No, free games are free games and I would be a PS+ member regardless. Will it get better? Absolutely, we will definitely start to see AAA PS4 games join the PS+ freebies sometime in the near future.

ShinMaster1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Most games coming out for PS4 are still rather new. I don't expect a lot of major AAA games to be free at the moment. Especially when most of them are still retailing for $60.

When PS Plus launched on PS3, there was already 4 years worth of backlog PS3 games behind it. It's not the same with a brand new system like the PS4.

Neonridr1504d ago

@ShinMaster - and I understand that, but NBA 2K14 released at the same time, so if it can go free for the PS3 crowd, why not for the PS4 crowd? Just using that game as an example... With the install bases the way they are (for PS3 and PS4), you think they are sacrificing more money by having the PS3 game for free instead of the PS4 version.

inmusicutrust1504d ago

Im sure part of the reason is the relative small amount of games to choose from for ps4. With there being so many more options of what to buy for the ps3 fewer ps3 owners will buy nba, whereas there being only 10-15 AAA games for ps4 the odds are higher that someone wanting a game will end up w nba. Dunno if thats the reason its only available for ps3 ps+ but thats my guess. I do expect to see aaa soon on the ps4 IGC.

admiralvic1504d ago

@ Neonridr

You have to understand that there are a lot of grey with PlayStation Plus and just because it's logical in one way, it isn't illogical another way.

For instance, the PS3 install base is larger, which might devalue the game more, but logically that is a larger pool of people playing your game and might be back to buy NBA 2K15. In this way it makes logical sense why they would want to have the PS3 version go free and not the PS4 version.

Like I said, shades of grey.

yeahright21504d ago

Well context matters for the 7 months argument. We also need to consider the size of the library for both consoles. That is, think of the number of sports titles available on the ps3 compared to the ps4. If your AAA sports game is on ps4, it will most likely sell very well since next gen sports titles are slim pickings right now. But on ps3, you're one of a multitude of sports titles.

strifeblade1504d ago

They are removing the library of games and limiting it to 2 different games a month like xbox, but the only difference is xbox u get to keep them even if u don't have live gold while Ps+ locks u out of ur downloaded games if u don't have it and will only.allow to play those games again is if u renew ur subscription, kind of anti gamer if u.ask me but it's a business. Makes no sense Sony locks u out, it's like having a paywall to Netflix... No sense lol

TheDude791504d ago


Um, I hate to break the news to you, but...

"Microsoft has confirmed that for Games with Gold on its latest console, you can only play the games with an active subscription. If you stop being a paid Gold member, the games remain on your Xbox One hard drive, but they are unplayable. However, if you start your subscription again they unlock."

strifeblade1504d ago

@the dude

Damn. I guess both services have become equally worse, absolutely no discernable difference now.

MrChicagoWind1504d ago

Not to be a dick, but NBA 2K did not come out at the same time on the two systems.


Chris_GTR11504d ago

what im pissed about is as a ps3 only owner, this bs about putting out 2 mediocre games. a sports game seriously? i dont like basketball so there goes 1/2 game down the drain, then i also am not into playing 'kiddy' games so there goes sly cooper. so basically i get nothing this month.

why cant we have a choice on on what we want to download? for example there 2 packages available one is fps and psn game / option 2 is sports game / different psn game. you choose the option you want and cant DL the other.

TheDude791504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Sorry, but I can't respond to your post since I stopped reading after the NBA 2K14 is a "mediocre title" comment. Hope you understand.

dcj05241503d ago

Go play SS Delta,Toukiden,Conception IIA ect...

DLConspiracy1503d ago


You said.

" I guess both services have become equally worse, absolutely no discernable difference now."

I have to disagree. While I like both services they are way different. People keep praising the obvious reasons for the service but never think about the other great reasons you pay for Ps+ or even more so XBL.

While Ps+ has been doing the free game thing (which is awesome) XBL has been stock piling servers for their chat and dedicated server support for games. To me that was always a bonus for XBL. Now that XBL is offering free games with their service its even better. Great chat, dedicated servers and now free games.

hkgamer1503d ago

vita games have been pretty decent on plus recently. for uk anyway.

i own ps3, ps4 & vita so i am able to play every title being released on igc. not really complaining about the indie titles since some of them can be fun. actually i probably enjoy some of these indies more than the bigger retail games.

i doubt we will get aaa ps4 games yet. probably after the first year and then maybe 6 big retail releases a year.

incredibleMULK1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I'm glad I transitioned to PC. Ps4 and xbone have been nothing but dissapointments. Don't starve?!! horrible garbage, stinky corn shit garbage. Resogun, & that wannabe metal slug last month.
Xbox one is all 720p crap. I'm just gonna play ps3 and PC for now.

Now time to give some fan boys a heart attack.....,I put my ps4 up for sale on craigslist! Lol

Just bugging, I'm gonna wait until e3 to decide. It feels like they're being deceitful with their lineup, they're struggling financially, order 1886 has no multi player or co-op. Drive club is a demo was supposed to be a semi full game for plus members. They snuck mandatory subscription fees after they said they never would. One big screw job. I won't defend their abbhorant behavior like a lot of blind fan boys. I was willing to look past the lousy battery life of the dual shock 4 but now, all these factors and them throwing Jack Tenton away like a used diaper after 19 loyal years of service is reason enough for me to jump off the Sony bandwagon.

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Tetsujin1504d ago

I agree, people have the right to voice opinions as long as they are just that - opinions, not threats, or moronic trolling. I also agree it is odd that the PS3 and 4 games are getting switched, at the same time it could be something Sony knows or will talk about which will help shift more PS4 units.

I agree with the author 100% with what is written. I also agree with the Netflix analogy and how it's no different than there movie service.

I also admit there are times where PS+ had "bad timing" when it comes to releasing games; I also understand it's based up to the companies, and if/when they can be released. I don't blame Sony or the companies, however I do wish there was some sort of listing that at least has "potential" or a "wish list" of what fans ask for. I know a lot of people will argue "that's gonna hurt sales," however if you look at it from another perspective that's money to buy expansions and/or future games from that developer.

One suggestion I would make; if PS+ expires you keep whatever you have actively installed (just in case).

hkgamer1503d ago

i have been worried about my ps+ expiring and but now that the ps4 needs plus to play online. i will probably keep subscription for life like most other people. strange thing is that i hardly ever play online.

Tetsujin1503d ago


Same here, I rarely play online on the PS4 at the moment yet still subscribe for those free games. If they had the option I'd pick games and they can keep the online since I rarely ever use it, and the few games that I do play online don't require ps+.

spacedelete1504d ago

they want people to buy a PS4 and not be cheapasses living off free PS3 plus games. if you can't afford a PS4 then you shouldn't be gaming in the first place. you and everyone else had over 6 years to save up for a PS4 so tough luck if you can't. if anything they should remove both remaining PS3 games and give Vita and PS4 an extra game.

hkgamer1503d ago

i think they are going to end up running out of ps3 games anyway. well decent ones.

jnemesh1503d ago

Wow. Just wow. "If you can't afford a PS4, you shouldn't be gaming"??? Sorry, but even as someone who owns a 360, a PS3, a Vita, and a PS4, I find your comment offensive in the extreme!

The fact is that many in the world can't fork over $400 just for a LUXURY, but $150 for a used PS3 (or $250 for a new one) is in their budget. The PS3 is STILL an excellent value for gaming, and has a HUGE library of games for people to enjoy.

Yes, the PS4 is nice, and I appreciate the better graphics and increased horsepower...but there is NOTHING wrong with gamers enjoying the PS3, especially over the next year while most of us are still waiting for the "big" games to hit the new consoles!

TheDude791504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

It's like some gamers expect some AAA game to show up in the IGC a month or two after release. As I've stated before, gaming is an expensive hobby, and if you can't afford it, I suggest sticking to F2P games and mobile phone games.

Hk85karlsson1503d ago

You´re absolutely right man.
AAA games every month (and no sports games), how would Sony please such a whiny crowd?

They can´t, cuz there´s always people like the ones above your post that´ll whine and bitch every freaking month.

PS+/IGC is superb. It´ll get even better. Give it time, or were you dissapointed about 2013 PS+?
Around 60-70 FREE games. And what was the cost for those games? Almost nothing.

MS thought it was a great idea since now they´ve copied pretty much everything from Sony.

Ozmoses1504d ago

As long as you remain a PS+ member you will always be able to access them once they've been added to the download list..

you don't have to install when they come out. you can just add them to the list and stop the download.. it will be there forever and whenever you're ready to play it.

plus I mean they have so many games that it is hard to constantly keep up. between buying games new/used digital or retail and PS+ there is just so much available.

I've been PS+ for like 3 years now concurrent membership.. Just get a year worth and forget about it until the next time rolls around.

You just gotta be smart about the discounts and stuff because you might buy it at $5.00 or $15.00 one weekend and the next weekend it is even cheaper or on the IGC..

similar to the $.99 movies they offer. the 1 big name movie.. like Wolverine last week... is headed to Netflix or some other service very soon. It happened to me like 2 months ago.. I rented one of those .99 movies and 3 days later it was available on Netflix instant stream.

kryteris1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The 12 month instant game collection is originally what lured me in, but I like this new focus. 2x, per system, expiring each month is just great incentive to keep the membership active. I do question though if they will be able to pay devs for *good titles now that it is on a 1 month contract. What would make it even more epic, is an affordable option to upgrade your ps+ games to ps now.

admiralvic1504d ago

"I do question though if they will be able to pay devs for *good titles now that it is on a 1 month contract."

Most of the bigger retail titles were only there for a month, so I expect nothing to change.

Muzikguy1503d ago

I've seen a few people wonder exactly what you do. You know if you really want a choice you have one.... Go out and actually buy the game you want. Plus is great. It has its ups and downs. Things given out for free are more a token of gratitude than anything else. They (Sony) don't "owe" us anything if you actually stop and think about it

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WeAreLegion1504d ago

No complaints from me. The complaints I hear are from people who have never owned a PS3/Vita and only own a PS4. They've heard great things about PS Plus for years and were expecting more than they are currently getting. I'm sure the bigger titles will come soon enough. Getting Resogun, Don't Starve, and Outlast for free is pretty freaking cool though.

kingPoS1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Same here! I've such an insane backlog, I still haven't gotten around to playing Bioshock 2 yet. But at the same time I find myself coming back games like the Mini title: I must run or Closure, even 2D classics like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.

The Instant game collection was awesome, but it's also a instant backlog collection after a few months. lol (not that I mind)

Gateway MT6706 2008

MajorGecko1503d ago

I got alot of free games from IGC and i game of vita only, sometimes i would get 3 free games a month with 1/10th of the game store on sale. Sucks for ps3 owners tho but they have been spoiled for a while, IGC on ps3 has made me want to buy a ps3 when i saw what was on the IGC list.

nope1111504d ago

No, June sucks. Waaah waaah.

Basedpheng1504d ago

PS+ is such an awesome value. I've loved everything I've gotten from it especially sports titles and indies. AAAs much appreciated not expected Also Imy incentive to buy a vita and ps4 is twofold since I already have a growing backlog lol. DIGITAL GAMES FTW

Transporter471504d ago

I love the new system all the games at the beginning of every month, I hate waiting for the game I wanted to play.

Stick891504d ago

It'd really piss me off if I'd forget to check the store the week a game I was waiting for on Plus came out and then it was gone :/

christian hour1504d ago

@stick89 not to worry, it'll be there for at least another 3 weeks after that week, and you can always log in on yr phone and add em to yr library that way ;)

Also I'm a little confused... havent the free ps plus games always left the IGC after the new batch came along? At least thats the way its always been on the PS Store for Ireland

Mr_Writer851504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

When the IGC they gave you 6 changing titles that had 1 change every 6 weeks, 1 monthly title and 3 yearly titles.

kingPoS1504d ago

I you have a HTML complainant browser, your good to go! It's like checking Email, only there's no spam. lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

tazmeah1504d ago

I agree with Zoro. It definitely makes it easier to track when the games are available.