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Shezka Foxe: Among the Sleep has been highly anticipated for its unique perspective that lets players see through the eyes of a two year old. This gives the game a completely different feel compared to the rest of the survival horror genre. While I’m not a fan of horror myself, I decided to give the game a try. My first glimpse into the game was during the Alpha version Krillbite Studios released a while back. I finally decided to swallow my fear pills and take a crack at the completed piece itself. Among the Sleep starts out well enough. I was presented with a happy family scene in the beginning of the game. The mother is making a cake for her son’s birthday until she hears a knock at the door. Mom tells her son to give her a minute as she gets up and walks out of the kitchen. A domestic dispute breaks out as the air becomes distorted around the baby. Yells are heard from the hallway only for the front door to slam shut a second later. The mother returns with a smile on her face and hands the child a gift - a teddy bear, who serves as a guide throughout the game.

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